How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

its weird because i always tried techniquees

but all my lds came randomly…on days i least suspected it…

Same as TheR, they just came randomly. Hoping getting them randomly would make me have them more often untill I have them every few days or something.

I just basically ate the right foods and drank the right drinks and spoke to someone about the complicated methods to fill my head with knowledge and/or awareness.

I first learnt about lucid dreaming some time last year. i was on a random site, full of topics for school. [eg. maths english] and was doing some revision on maths.

But on the subject list i saw psychology and clicked it [as i had a budding interest in it and planned to take a GCSE in it] and there were many catagories, one called ‘dream patterns and the brain’. i had always been intrigued by my dreams, and gifted to ba able to recall them, so i clicked that, and another few catagories came up. one called ‘lucid dreaming’ [which i had never heard of before] and of course it explained it was being able to control what you dream. well i was shocked and extatic at that.

So for the next few weeks i searched for LD material, learnt all the techniques and was constantly reading anything i could find about it. [however i never found this site. i found this site a few days ago :tongue:.] so yep, thats how i got into LDing.

I sort of gave up for a while cause i wasnt doing the techniques properly but in the end i took it back up after having a random DILD i few months ago sleeping round a friends.

After that i stumbled across this site, and i must say, it really is amazing and so far, after 4 days of joining LD4all i have had 2 LDs :grin:

The first months that I tried Lucid dreaming the Lucid dreams came at random and not as a part of the techniques I was practicing. MILD seamt like a very uncertain and slow techniqe, therefore I went for WILD instead, thinking that it seamt realy cool with its hallucinogen effects and instant high quality lucid dreams.
After months of failure, I decided that WILD was way to hard and that I shoudl try MILD for real. Because the few MILD tries that I had already done was a bit lame, like my view on the techniqe. When I finaly did all the things that was recomended I had 3 Lucid Dreams in a row during the following nights that I repeted the MILD:
Whriting down the dreams, doing WBTB after 6 hour sleep staying up for an hour, thinking alot of lucid dreams and realy whant to have them during this time, when repeating mantra realy put weight on the words, trying to emphasise them.
Alot of this is individual I guess, but the thing that goes for everyone is to realy try to do MILD for a while with alot of dedication and confidence before moving on to other techniqes. Do not be instantly fooled by the seductive but treacherous WILD.

Hmm, sounds so true stinky_alex. WILD is dead hard, and i have had many failed appempts. i guess you have to be experienced enough. plus some people get dead scared when doing WILD, so it doesnt really work for them. i suggest though, whatever technique you use, to use it in conjunction with WBTB, which is by far the best technique.

If I trim most words out of that post,

I think it’s hard to find a post with more negative adjectives anywhere :tongue:

I started trying to LD when I found that it said “Learn to Lucid Dream” in one of the “fortune cookies” you find while playing S.O.U.L.F.U.
Naturally curious, I googled it and came across Wikipedia and this site!

Since then, I’ve only had 2 LDs, and my first one was very short.

S.O.U.L.F.U. Being?

Haha. when you put it that way…

You have alot of time on your hands to realise that … Lol. Your first ones are allways really short. its sh1t but its life =/

My first lucid dream was a long time ago. i just had the gift for them i guess, they happened within short time periods from eachother. It just kinda happened, lol, as in i was dreaming, and then i just suddenly realized i was dreaming, no clues, nothing. i just realized it. but now i want to be able to dwelve within jucid dreams on my own, when i want to. so i searched around and recently found this amazing site, and now i have more methods to work with.

I sort of have lucid dreams as soon as i have a dream clear enough…i have them sometimes…not so often,as far as i remember,i’d estimate 1 or 2 every year…>.<
But now i will try to accomplish them.I wouldn’t say it’s hard,because i did them by accident:P
Well…i didn’t quite succed on my first try(night of september 3rd 2008)but i will try today too:DAnd i will start a journal.

About 10 years ago, I started having lucid dreams, at first they were DILD s, in the beginning initiated from a very scary situation until I said, hey, this cant be real, I must be dreaming, then, I fought the monsters with ease and very much enjoyed it, after some time of LDing, every night I wanted to had a LD I just decided to have one before I went to bed and I did, at this point, I would begin the dream lucid, as if I was transitioning from this place to the dream world as I fell asleep. It went on for many years until maybe 2-3 years when I was about 17, then I started destroying my consciousness by use of various substances. I completely forgot about lucid dreaming for a total of about 2-3 years until some 2-3 months ago, I saw a show on a guy who has precognitive lucid dreams, then I got back to it, I started meditating daily, at first I did not really remember how I induced LDs but after a week or so I got my first one after a long time, it was really nice and cheerful, lasted about 5-10 minutes, I had very limited control as I was barely able to fly and in general to control the surroundings.
I got into a habit and starting having them more and more often, after 2-3 weeks I was back at full power and having at least one LD per night, until about a month ago I wasnt aware of the many communities of lucid dreamers. I love LD4all!

My brother and I were always very interested in dreams growing up, and I first learned to LD by simply researching it, and keeping a dream journal. It took a little while, but the LD’s came eventually. :razz:

It’s been a while since I was very into lucid dreaming, and I’ve kind of ‘lost my touch’, I suppose. Now, though, I’m re-motivated, and hopefully this site will be one of the things that helps me LD this time around. :happy:

i first learned about lucid dreaming when i was a sophmore in high school and i got a book on dreaming from the local library. it had a small chapter about lucid dreaming and how some people used it to conduct expirements on the dream world. then i got some more books on lucid dreaming specifically and eventually had my first lucid dream by doing a RC.

I first learnt about LD’s from a carton of file-milk (or whatever its called :razz: )

I learnt about LD’s about two years ago, when I read an article about it in a Dutch fantasy magazine. I didn’t pay much attention to it, till about one year ago, when I really got into lucid dreaming. : )

Learnt about LDing from a website and tried RCing for a little while before losing patience. Started again a year later and had my first lucid dream, induced by the realisation that I was waking up from a dream. Since then I have almost completely given up RCing and focused my efforts on Lucid Living.

I have had four DILD’s in the last month and several more dreams where I realised I was dreaming but woke up immediately. None of these came as a result of RCing and I don’t really bother with MILD or WBTB, though I’m sure these wouldn’t hurt.

i dont know about my first LD, it was strange i just knew i was in a dream. there was nothing out of the ordinary even happening. :confused:

Exactly the same here… I was eight years old at the time… I just thought, “This is going to be a nightmare!”
After that, I looked up LDs, and found RCs… since then, I’ve been climbing LD-wise! I had like… 5 just last month!

I don’t remember where I first heard about the LD phenomenon, but when I got interested enough to learn about it, I read Stephen LeBerge’s book, and followed his instructions (Dream Journal, reality checks, etc.) and they worked quite well. I was having LDs fairly quickly (within 3-6 months, I would guess).

At first, I had these “OMG!” moments where I realized I was dreaming by checking a digital clock or whatever. After awhile though, I became lucid more or less automatically.

I’m new to this site, but relatively, not new to LD.

I remember having them ever since i was little. It’d usually be because someone was chasing me and i’d fly up into the air. And i’d realise, it’s a dream!, and i’d force myself to wake up. Lol, i had no idea back then, that i could change the dream. I just knew that since it was a dream, i could get out of it.

And i’d have them every now and then. But i’d like to learn how to induce them. lol.

Been lucid dreaming as long as I can remember… before I even knew what they were called. I don’t remember my first LD, but I remember my first flying dream, and the two probably happened around each other sometime, because now I use flying as a dream sign.