How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

My first lucid dream was a long time ago. i just had the gift for them i guess, they happened within short time periods from eachother. It just kinda happened, lol, as in i was dreaming, and then i just suddenly realized i was dreaming, no clues, nothing. i just realized it. but now i want to be able to dwelve within jucid dreams on my own, when i want to. so i searched around and recently found this amazing site, and now i have more methods to work with.

I sort of have lucid dreams as soon as i have a dream clear enough…i have them sometimes…not so often,as far as i remember,i’d estimate 1 or 2 every year…>.<
But now i will try to accomplish them.I wouldn’t say it’s hard,because i did them by accident:P
Well…i didn’t quite succed on my first try(night of september 3rd 2008)but i will try today too:DAnd i will start a journal.

About 10 years ago, I started having lucid dreams, at first they were DILD s, in the beginning initiated from a very scary situation until I said, hey, this cant be real, I must be dreaming, then, I fought the monsters with ease and very much enjoyed it, after some time of LDing, every night I wanted to had a LD I just decided to have one before I went to bed and I did, at this point, I would begin the dream lucid, as if I was transitioning from this place to the dream world as I fell asleep. It went on for many years until maybe 2-3 years when I was about 17, then I started destroying my consciousness by use of various substances. I completely forgot about lucid dreaming for a total of about 2-3 years until some 2-3 months ago, I saw a show on a guy who has precognitive lucid dreams, then I got back to it, I started meditating daily, at first I did not really remember how I induced LDs but after a week or so I got my first one after a long time, it was really nice and cheerful, lasted about 5-10 minutes, I had very limited control as I was barely able to fly and in general to control the surroundings.
I got into a habit and starting having them more and more often, after 2-3 weeks I was back at full power and having at least one LD per night, until about a month ago I wasnt aware of the many communities of lucid dreamers. I love LD4all!

My brother and I were always very interested in dreams growing up, and I first learned to LD by simply researching it, and keeping a dream journal. It took a little while, but the LD’s came eventually. :razz:

It’s been a while since I was very into lucid dreaming, and I’ve kind of ‘lost my touch’, I suppose. Now, though, I’m re-motivated, and hopefully this site will be one of the things that helps me LD this time around. :happy:

i first learned about lucid dreaming when i was a sophmore in high school and i got a book on dreaming from the local library. it had a small chapter about lucid dreaming and how some people used it to conduct expirements on the dream world. then i got some more books on lucid dreaming specifically and eventually had my first lucid dream by doing a RC.

I first learnt about LD’s from a carton of file-milk (or whatever its called :razz: )

I learnt about LD’s about two years ago, when I read an article about it in a Dutch fantasy magazine. I didn’t pay much attention to it, till about one year ago, when I really got into lucid dreaming. : )

Learnt about LDing from a website and tried RCing for a little while before losing patience. Started again a year later and had my first lucid dream, induced by the realisation that I was waking up from a dream. Since then I have almost completely given up RCing and focused my efforts on Lucid Living.

I have had four DILD’s in the last month and several more dreams where I realised I was dreaming but woke up immediately. None of these came as a result of RCing and I don’t really bother with MILD or WBTB, though I’m sure these wouldn’t hurt.

i dont know about my first LD, it was strange i just knew i was in a dream. there was nothing out of the ordinary even happening. :confused:

Exactly the same here… I was eight years old at the time… I just thought, “This is going to be a nightmare!”
After that, I looked up LDs, and found RCs… since then, I’ve been climbing LD-wise! I had like… 5 just last month!

I don’t remember where I first heard about the LD phenomenon, but when I got interested enough to learn about it, I read Stephen LeBerge’s book, and followed his instructions (Dream Journal, reality checks, etc.) and they worked quite well. I was having LDs fairly quickly (within 3-6 months, I would guess).

At first, I had these “OMG!” moments where I realized I was dreaming by checking a digital clock or whatever. After awhile though, I became lucid more or less automatically.

I’m new to this site, but relatively, not new to LD.

I remember having them ever since i was little. It’d usually be because someone was chasing me and i’d fly up into the air. And i’d realise, it’s a dream!, and i’d force myself to wake up. Lol, i had no idea back then, that i could change the dream. I just knew that since it was a dream, i could get out of it.

And i’d have them every now and then. But i’d like to learn how to induce them. lol.

Been lucid dreaming as long as I can remember… before I even knew what they were called. I don’t remember my first LD, but I remember my first flying dream, and the two probably happened around each other sometime, because now I use flying as a dream sign.

I had LDs for years, but rarely until I read a castaneda book “the art of dreaming”. After that, I started recording my dreams every morning on a digital voice recorder (They are awesome for this…) and ever since, I have had about 10 in the last 3 months. Very cool.

Theres a book called “creative dreaming” that as a beginner I found awesome as well. Lays out all the basics.

Me too I found about it in Castaneda’s books but I didnt knew it was called Lding, later on I found out from the internet.

Hah, I learned from this site believe it or not.
Learned the techniques but didn’t use them much, let it come naturally.
I’m sure I have had many LD before I knew of the term tho :wink:

me and my friends found out about these supplements that would help us sleep better i did some research and found out about lucid dreaming
from then on i’ve been recording my dreams and going/triing to lucid

I already had LDs before I knew about them…but I had to develop a few strategies before I could have loads more.

Before the internet had much to say about Lucid dreaming I read Castaneda’s the art of dreaming. I’m glad i found a site that somewhat validates what I have been trying to do and understand. If you haven’t done it keep trying its attainable.