How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

I learned to Lucid Dream from the dreamviews forum. The method I used was WBTB, ( I kept falling asleep and waking up)

I still don’t know what exactly they are, that’s why I’m here. :smile:

I havent… :cry:

yet :content:

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in this topic before! Owell here it goes:
I first visited sites over sites in search for techs and advice, then i stumbled into EWLD, and it was love at first sight :content: read it in a jiffy, and that’s pretty much what got me started. To this day, i still look for new techs/pointviews to improve my LD ability.

I never really “learned it”; It has just happened at some moments. Not actually sure how, but my dreams would become clearer than normal (so darn clear I had trouble distinguishing them from reality), and then I’d pinch myself to see if I was dreaming or not – and voila! I knew I was dreaming, and freedom had been acheived. Awesomeness ensued.

Uhm yea I never learned. I was a natural thats all. Been doing it since I was 8, thought everyone else did the same thing. then my friend comes up to me and asks me if I know im dreaming when I dream and thats when I relized what it was called and not everyone did it. So now I am researching and practicing to make my Lucid Dreams better and to expierence them. So far I had Ice Cream, Mermaid, School, Baseball famouse, Books, Inks, School Bus, Lost, Funeral, party, whales, saving sister from ocean by my sisters pellow. Haha thats my favoritee!!! I saved her when we were on whales being chased by sharks and then We came to shore but she was no where to be found so I saw my sis pellow and stepped on her and saved her! lol

I think my first LD was WBTB. Hard to rememebr though because i’ve been LD’ing on and off for 3 years. I found out about LDing because I was interested in my subconscious mind. Once I started creating a dream journal my dream recall and ability to LD improved significantly. I’ve found that if I set my mind to LD’ing I can get one about every other day. I just have to keep the intention in mind throughout the day that I want to be aware that i’m dreaming. That and having good dream recall.

i learned it by

stumblin on this LD forum
read the explanations

  1. rememberd i could sometime control ma dreams

  2. read the errors and problems of most

  3. attemptd to LD by meditating

  4. i was LD’

  5. id wake up when i want , stood awake ran jumped to fully be awake

  6. tried to ld again same method

  7. reachd success

  8. conclusion - i was to ld at will

  9. created ma own method MI WILD (meditation induced wild)
    credits of the name are not mine lol

now i have fun lol

about two I stumbled upon LD when my friend told me about some pills that would help me sleep better i did some research and,being google friendly, found out about fredrick van eden and all his stuff and since then I’ve been recording my dreams triing to find better ways to LD :cry: :help: :help: :cry:

I don’t know, actually… I just started to see them now and then as a child, and during the years I’ve had more and more of them :eek:
But I guess one really important thing is, that I have written down my dreams since… like always. Not every single dream, but every even a little bit interesting dream. There has been times when I’ve been too lazy to write my dreams down, and then I’ve seen much less LD:s, so I guess, having LD:s is strongly related to keeping a dream journal, at least for me!
And like some others here, I’ve learned a lot about LD:s in my nightmares, where I really need to do some extraordinary tricks to avoid creepy dangers…

One night I had a natural LD without knowing anything about them, when i woke up I had absolutly no idea what had happened. I eventually had more and more so I told my friends and one of them had heard about LDs and explained what was happening and how to prolong them, he was a little angry as he had been trying to have them for a while unsuccesfully and I had had them accidentily. I started googling it myself and found this forum wich has been amazingly helpfully.

As I child, I would occasionally become conscious that I was dreaming, but I didn’t know what to do with that knowledge except wake myself up from nightmares. A year ago, I heard someone mention “lucid dreaming” in my physics class and looked it up online. It opened up new horizons as I learned it was possible to control my dreams and interact with my subconscious.

The day before my birthday, i read about it, and got very facinated.
Joined here 2 days after, read alot about it, i loved it, and i made a DJ.
Then i got my first LD, was blurry.
Now 2 days ago i got my first real, clear LD, was awesome.

That means… we have the same birthday. :woo:
LOL, abit off topic,

One of my [best] teachers , told me about LDs,
Forgot about that because I thought it was too much trouble,
Found out about it again after some time, again, forgot, too much trouble,
Than that summer I started working for a show, which I suggested that will be on dreams,
I got deep into the topic, the LD thing got back, again,
I started my DJ, and started researching and reading like crazy.
After around 24 days of journaling, finally, I had my first LD, at the 28th of September.

Now, here I am, after about five months and 26 LDs, and much much more to come. :smile:

I first saw the phrase “Lucid dreaming” on an article that came up on StumbleUpon a few days after I got my own internet access, in the summer of 2006. It talked mainly about how to have a “thousand-year dream” and had to do with some kind of zen, and I didn’t think it was for me. I was still curious about dream control though, so a day or so later I googled the phrase and found this forum. :smile:
I followed the guides, and after 20 days of dream recall, I got my first lucid dream! I kept going for a few months, but wasn’t getting LD’s or successes as much as I wanted, so I dropped it for two years. Then in 2009 I committed to try for LD’s the whole year, and got tons of practice.

It was back when I was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. One of the staffers had an idea of running an article on LD’s. I had no idea what it was and they explained it to me. Several months and many long nights later I had my first lucid fragment. Then I discovered this place and it’s all been downhill since.

I haven’t really learned to LD. I just randomly have an LD sometimes.
I used to dream alot when I was younger, mostly nightmares or random dreams.
Eventually when I got a little older, I realized that I was dreaming, but the dream would end when I did that.
Later on I started to be more aware that I was dreaming and that’s when I also realized that I could control myself for the first time! When I was younger I could never control myself in a dream, I would just walk around, do random things, but now I can even fly if I’m lucky!

I havent LDd yet but I learned about it on a Swedish forum.

Been searching for lucid dreaming in google and I found it… a lot of informations right here! Great!

I used to LD as a child, but did not know that it was not normal; as I got older I lost the ability. Then while traveling through India in my wandering days I stumbled upon Castaneda’s book and tried seeing my hands in my dream. It worked on first try, but I was not really into it at that time, so I forgot about it again, until a good friend of mine approached me one evening and asked me if I knew what lucid dreaming was. I guess it was the right time for me now to really get back into it. I had my first LD since India about a couple of weeks after our conversation. My friend was in my dream and his presence triggered it, and the second LD as well.