How did YOU learn to LD?

I had my first LD with the WBTB method. Why did I use this method? Because it was the first one I found on the internet I guess. It took me several attempts to actually get up two hours earlier instead of immediately resetting the alarm clock and going back to sleep :content:
But once I did it, I LD’d from the first try! Too bad this method is hard to integrate in everyday life. It’s not comfortable, but it is a good way to start imho.

I’ve been able to do it since I was a small child. (6-7 years old)
One way to notice your in a dream is, say for instance your in a familiar place your home etc and its not quite the same i.e. a different layout or different colored walls etc. Somthing like this should indicate you are dreaming. Or say your talking to your friend or your Mom in a dream but there face is not the same or they are alot taller than IRL should also tell you that your dreaming. It could also be somthing simple like noticing things seem hazy or foggy. Usually if I eat somthing before sleep i can have more vivid dreams and sometimes gain lucidity. :smile:

I LD naturally, a couple of time a month/week, but would love to be able to LD, every night, as I love to fly :o), so I am going to try some of these tcks and will get back to you with the results.

Its funny because Its like ‘It chose’ me. I was awake when I suddenly went stiff whilst looking out of my window, sitting.
Then I couldnt see and felt numb all over, like my body was asleep but my mind still awake. I was already airborn when I woke on the Other Side, flying about 4metres above a country road full of traffic. I chose a car & flew beside, knocking on the window as I 1st thought I was out of my body and maybe I could contact others who were in the Real(?) world, body awake. They didnt notice so I flew around a bit & found a Lake, When I flew under the serfice I was amazed I could still breathe. I now knew how special this was for me to experience but I felt sudden fear, like withdrawl, with a thought that sent me back to the blank numbness (a shark was chasing me). It was like I went through a tube or string to retern my body awake again. I was still sitting, but a little shaken up because of this ‘thing’ what happened, surrounding my Perception & (sub)Conciousness.

It never left me, I never force it upon myself to this day although I concentrate on open eye visuals now &then whilst fully awake. I would guess there is such thing as trying too hard to acheive something thats already there inside waiting.


I can’t say i learned to LD yet, but have had quite a few LDs. Autosuggestion did wonders for me, combined with other methods, autosuggestion is like a backup which gets me hits on and off. MILD is what im trying to learn but I’m trying to develope a good prospective memory and great DR, I think that will take my autosuggestion a level higher.

Woo 100th post!

I had my first LD after a year :cry: it was hard work :grrr: but now it was worth it :wink:

I started with wild for a few months, no result
then sun eye, also no result
and every other technique that inspired me, no result

and then I decided to use RC’s, At first I saw this as the most stupid technique, but I did it a few weeks and I got my first LD :content:

Ps: I use RC’s with WBTBM :wink:

I was born with it! I suppose but it was needed to be awakened and aware to me what they were. I’ve had at least 10 before I joined the site, not knowing what they were.

I had my first two LDs about a year ago, maybe a bit more. The second was actually an unconscious WILD, though I didn’t realise it at the time. Then more recently, maybe a month and a half ago, I learned about LDs from Wikipedia and followed a link to this site. I started consciously trying to LD, mosly through WILD techniques, and didn’t have all that much success. Twice I became lucid but woke up immediately afterward. Then last night, after trying and failing to WILD, I just repeated to myself, “When I wake up, I’ll be dreaming”, (a sort of variation on MILD I guess) and almost had a false awakening later in the night. I went back to sleep and in the middle of that dream became spontaneously lucid, and managed to stabilise it and stay asleep. I guess I just had the idea deeply enough in my mind that it decided to happen in the middle of the dream, albeit in a different way than I’d been thinking. I’ll try it again tonight and see.

I was a beginner when i came to this site. Didn’t know to much about lding. Tried Wild Mild and Wbtb didn’t have success with any those. Got fustrated and started rcing every hour while i was awake. That helped get me my first ld. I got my first ld about a week in a half when i joined this site. When i got my first ld i wanted aanoter right away. So i tried a lucid dreaming tape that says, you are dreaming you will know you are dreaming. I set a alarm on my ipod for 4:00 went to bed at 12:30. While i was sleeping i heard a voice that said you are dreaming your sleep. So i did a rc and was lucid.

I read sections on this website. I RCed everyday and eventually I had my first LD. I could already recall my dreams and I already had a dream journal before I found this site, but I didn’t know what LDing was.

I really didn’t learn it just happened on its own. I had an LD after reading online about them. It was cool, but I had a FA, and I didn’t feel like doing that again. A few months later, after waking up, I was just resting in bed. I starting thinking about lucid dreams, but I didn’t think to actually try to have one. I drifted off again and had an LD anyway. Now, after reading these forums, I’ll probably have another. Maybe not. Who knows.

I was 12 and i could control every dream, every time. 2 years later I Decided to google “concious dream” and i discovered that what i experienced was a well documented phenomenom.

Good ol’ RC’s is how I learned. I did probably hundreds of RC’s and had LD that night.

Actually, the first quality LD I had came from FILD, but I ditched the F part and transitioned to WILD.

I’m a natural born dreamer! I had a bunch of LD’s as a kid, well before knowing anything about them or what they were called.

I became interested in various occult things through high school and university, reading various things. I stumbled across Stephen LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming in the Occult section at my University bookstore. (That seems really funny now.)

Although still interested in the occult, I’m a pretty big skeptic. I know my stuff, but the more I hear/read, the less I believe. LaBerge put the scientific fact behind LD’ing, but more importantly, it was something that I experienced myself. (I’m still open minded about things though, that’s where my curiosity comes from.)

Another neat thing, the day I bought the book, I had an LD that night BEFORE I had a chance to read it. :smile: That’s MILD for you. :happy:

It took me 2 days to have LD after i seen this forum. But i had some of em while i was a kid. I dont use any technique, just lay in bed and try my luck. Techniques are nonsense to me (no offense to any1 who does them)

Guess what? That’s a technique. :smile: You just used MILD, congratulations on the LD’s.

I’ve had some LDs when I was younger but I thought that it was normal, so I ignored it. My first actual LD was one week ago, on my birthday and since then I’ve had 3 more, but I keep getting FAs, and RCs never work for me (plus my brain is always creating false memory). I didn’t really have a problem getting an LD, I had one the first time I tried, but I can’t have a WILD, so I’m stuck to MILD, oh well!! :content:
I always looked forward to sleeping, cuz I thought dreaming was the coolest thing ever and I’ve started writing a DJ since I was 10. For a weird reason I never forgot my dreams and I could control what I was going to dream (usualy flying, I LOVE it more than enything else in the world!!)

So I’ve probably bored you to death so I’ll stop. Any time soon. Really, I’m stopping. Shuting up now…
SD gives cookies to every1 and runs away before you accuse her for boring you to death :tongue:

O, ok then
Well, i ment i dont try anything hard, just read this forum before going to sleep. Works like a charm :content:

Similar to Sonic_moronic, I don’t do a whole lot to induce them. I do an RC every once in a great while, and I keep trying to WILD (but not with WBTB, so it doesn’t really go far). I mostly just keep my enthusiam up. When I do have an LD, I usually notice something amiss and don’t even need an RC for confirmation.

I kinda discovered lucid dreaming naturally too. It just clicked when I was four years old and I realized that I could control it all!! :content: it was awesome, the feeling.

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