How Do I Know I'm Waking?

… Does anybody else know when they’re going to wake up? Cause when LD i get this sensation of “Oh crap. I’m waking up.” and then sure enough, I instantly do. I know that it doesn’t happen when i think about waking up, cause i do it a lot during my LD’s. I’ll think about waking up, and then rub my hands together. But this is something different. it’s like i can feel the dream ending and i know i’ll wake up within like the next 2 seconds. hard to explain… But does this happen to anybody else?

Yeah, all the time. :sad:

The dream can fade slowly, so I get time to rub my hands or whatever, or it just fades quickly, leaving me no time to react and wake up…

Yeah! That’s happened to me a few times, if I have enough time to rub my hands together then I know I’m about wake up. But if I don’t, then I don’t know when I’m gonna wake up. :neutral:


Yeah that happens to me all the time. Its really annoying isnt it? :meh:

yes it’s annoying. it’s like back in the day when you used play baseball with your friends and you would hit the ball at a window… you know exactly what’s gonna happen, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s possible that you have reached the end of your REM period. It should still be possible to extend your dream, but I believe there is likely a limit to how far before you’d have to be focusing all your attention on staying in the dream.

I also have this in NDs.

From what I can tell either you can feel when you are about to wake up or it’s the feeling of “Oh crap. I’m waking up.” that actually wakes you up. But if you have long LDs it’s most likely that you’re just reaching the end or REM or you just get too aware and too close to waking up.