how do i learn lucid dreaming?

hi. has anyone had great success with links to ads removed where do i start learning please?

Lucid dreaming takes time.
I would suggest not to buy or download anything, and just try obtaining lucidity with MILD, WILD, or DILD.
You can learn everything about lucid dreaming here, on LD4all

this is probably the best place to learn lucid dreaming. There are many techniques. Pick the one that bests suits you. it is going to take time though

as previously stated dont download anything the best thing i found when i first started is WBTB wich is wake back to bed and it pretty much speaks for itself if your attempting a wild its not as hard as it may seem if u believe you can do it i did it and if i can do it i know you can do it dont get discouraged it took me forever if you have any more questions u can pm me wich is personal messeging and ill help you

believe you CAN LD and you eventually will have one :slight_smile:

Well, it would be good if you’d download ‘Infinity’ created by BenDrummin58. It does have a good success rate.

Ya, and it’s free. :smile:

I would start out first by having a dream diary. It really helps you become more aware of your dreams and makes you commit to how important your dreams are. Additionally, do Reality Checks throughout the day. I usually take a marker and put a small dot on the back of my hands. When I see these it reminds to question my reality.

As the other members have said above. There is alot of information and great techniques to try. The biggest thing to remember is to “never give up” and don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t LD right away. It will happen.