How do I lucid dream?(WILD)

Hello I’m new here and I’ve tried lucid dreaming for a few times now, but it didn’t work so far.I think I almost had something related to it yesterday, I think I was really close to entering a dream.I am currently trying lucid dreaming with the WILD method. So this is basically what I felt: After a while of having my eyes closed an image started to develop before me.I was in a room with dark wood floors.I tought the floors were cool so I…like zoomed in and looked at them, then I realized i was in a gym because i saw lifting weights.So the image started to get larger and larger and I blinked in the dream and a lot more things appeared before me, which i don’t really remember. After this I tried to reach something with my hand and at that moment I got really excited and the image faded away.This only lasted for a few seconds.
Can you guys please give me some tips on how to stay focused or ,I don’t know share, some of your experiences with WILD? :smile:
Thank you very much(And sorry for any mistakes I’m new here :smile: )

Welcome! :wave: And don’t worry about mistakes :content:

I’d usually say that WILD isn’t the best technique to start out with as it can be tricky. Some people take years and years trying and just give up as it’s better to use something else… BUT seeing as you got pretty fat I’d say just keep trying :grin: . With some practice you should be able to get less exited and you’ll manage to make it all the way into the dream. So give it a few more nights and let us know how it went! For one try that was very good! The trick with WILD is being relaxed enough to fall asleep, but aware enough so you don’t just lose consciousness. And don’t get frustrated if you don’t get lucid, that just gets in the way. Try to enjoy and learn from each experience.

Other than that, recording your dreams, performind reality checks and trying to enjoy your normal dreams as well are some things that can help you. Good luck and keep us posted!

Hello again! :smile:
OK so I decided to try the DILD method from now on but I’m gonna keep trying with WILD too.I started doing reality checks regularly and keeping a dream journal.But that’s not the reason I made this post, it’s because I had a dream this morning: I was at home and my dads phone was ringing so I went outside to give it to him and he says something like: " Finally you brought my BMW " or something like that. And I was a little confused because that made no sense so I didn’t want give him the phone but in that moment I woke up.
I guess I’m getting close to lucidity right? :content:

Yep, realizing something is strange in a dream is the first step. :smile: The second would be to think that maybe it’s a dream and/or do a RC.

Yeah so today I want to talk about two problems I keep having with WILD and DILD.
First while trying to have an LD with WILD I can’t seem to get into Sleep Paralysis. The closest i got to SP was last night before I went to sleep. I felt the itching and I didn’t scratch and then I felt how my feet were getting heavier and I felt like my fingers weren’t touching the bed anymore, like they were floating. Then I could move one of my fingers…but I still knew my finger was on the bed, I just felt like I was moving it.And after a while I started hearing noises( well just one noise ),I heard something weird like someone or something was falling down the stairs in my house.But then nothing happened so I just went to sleep because I got bored.
Am I at least getting closer to SP, or am I just talking nonsense? :content:
Now the problems i keep having with DILD: every time I realize something doesn’t make sense in a dream, the dream just ends or skips to another dream.And I don’t have time to do a RC or anything.It’s like my subconscious doesn’t want to let me. :content:
So any tips, help? (Sorry if I said something wrong, rookie here :smile: )

I can give you tips for WILD ^^
You were closer indeed ! What you Need to do is tell yourself When you get weird feeligs is to just go asleep. That’s the key, just sleep and it Will Come At the speed of light !
SP isnt that hard to get, LDs , a bit harder :tongue:
Dont give up ! :wink:

And don’t worry too much about SP, may people don’t even notice it. You’re trying to get a LD, not SP!

Yeah but don’t you need to be in SP so you can have a LD?
Anyway I wanted to make a quick reply about a dream I had this morning: So I woke up got out of bed for about 10 minutes and went back. I fell asleep slowly and I started dreaming. This I was watering some flowers and the water suddenly stopped. So I thought “This must be a dream”(maybe because I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams and lucid dreams lately or what I would do if I had one…stuff like that :content: )So I imagined that the water would start running again and it did!But I couldn’t do anything else because the dream scenario changed and I forgot about it.
So yeah today I kinda felt how it is to be lucid :grin:

Romania ? In sfarsit un roman ! N-am vazut pe site pana acuma. Anyway, back to english, for the DILD i would recommend you ADA and LL because they help you pay attention to details that don’t appear in dreams, this is how natural LD - ers have their LD 's. You can’t become one but you can learn to think like one of them…anyway good luck.

Yes, but some people don’t feel the SP when it comes, so they’ll lie there waiting for it and it seems to them that nothing ever happens, which might end up in them thinking they’re getting nowhere and giving up right before entering a dream.

About your dream, if you did in fact realize it was a dream then you were lucid! Congratulations :wink: even a short one like that is good news!

Hey people! :smile:
So I didn’t post any of my experiences because I was gone for a while.So a few days ago I think I became lucid with WILD.Well basically I was really tired one afternoon so I decided to sleep a little but while counting. Unfortunately all I remember from this is that I woke up(in the dream) and I was in my bed, that’s it.When I actually woke up one of my colleagues(which I was with) asked me if I felt anything because he was tickling me and I just wouldn’t wake up. Is this because I was lucid dreaming?Is that why I couldn’t feel anything? :content:

Hey dreamers! :smile:
So I had another experience with lucid dreaming today. I can say it was probably the most “powerful” one.It happened while I was taking a nap this afternoon: I decided to count while I was laying in bed but I just kept getting lost in my thoughts and I would lose count so I stopped counting, but every time I was feeling like drifting to sleep I would just get my thoughts back and stay awake, until…suddenly it felt like I opened my eyes! But It was still kind of dark like it was night(even if it was in the afternoon with plenty of light in my room). So as I opened my eyes I saw my left hand(Note: I was laying with my right hand over my eyes and my left one over my head on the bed) beside me - but there’s no way I could see it because(in reality) it was over my head. But then again I got really excited about this and my heart started pounding and it all went dark. So yeah even if I’m making small steps I’m still making progress right? :grin: