How do I make DILD work!

Whenever I try this method I miss multiple dream signs and I can’t seem to be able to do a reality check in my dream.

Don’t worry, it can take some time to be able to recognize DS or to remember to do a RC. It is important that you actually question reality thoughtfully whenever you see a DS or do a RC and don’t be like “Yeah this isn’t a dream, I’m awake, I know that, whatever”. Don’t stress yourself and be patient, you will get there.

I find that the more I do RCs when I’m awake, the more likely I’m going to in a dream. MILD helps me a lot too. If I’m aiming for an RCILD, I say something like “I will do a RC in my dream.”

I have a lot of FAs too, so I try to do a RC as soon as I wake up. That helps too.

Keep at it, and eventually your mind will be trained to recognize dream signs and to do RCs. Good luck :content: