How do YOU do WILD?

There’s a lot of information around the forum and the site on WILD and how people actually do it, but searching through them all has just made me more confused. :help: :bored:

I’ve tried WILD myself while napping in the day and got so far that my body overall felt kinda tingly and quite relaxed, but my hands felt most numb of the surroundings and more tingly than my body. So I didn’t reach SP and I didn’t see any HI.

What does SP feel like?
What are exactly HI and HH? And when will I see them?
I would want to know from each one who has the time to explain: whats your routine?
Pretty please :wiske:

HI can be anything from flashing lights, to “seeing” pictures. I say “seeing” because (its hard to explain :neutral: ) you dont actually see it behind your eyelids, but in your minds eye. You got quite far into SP if your body was tingly and numb, and i get the hands more than the rest of my body as well :happy: . My personal routine is like this: Before bed i’ll read on the forums for about 30-45 mins, while doing this i drink a Vitamin Water: Focus, which i found to help A LOT with WILDing. After i finish the drink i then crawl into bed and turn the fan on so i dont start to get too hot and sweat when i go into SP, because thats SOO annoying when you get far into SP and then get too hot and have to move :grrr: . While lying there ill keep my eyes barely open until they feel extremely heavy and close on their own. The entire time lying in bed it helps to count 1, im dreaming 2, im dreaming etc just to keep yourself alert and “awake”. I find that it also helps to breathe slowly and deeply as if you were meditating.

Good luck and i hope i helped! :cookiemon: