How do you work with limiting beliefs and expectations?

Ok, so Ive come to a point where a pattern is emerging. Ive come to the conclusion that I carry with me limiting beliefs and expectations and these are obstacles on my journey. Ive discovered them and it feels rather painful since i consider myself an open minded person who believes in, but has never experienced, healing, spirits and lots of mumbo jumbo. I also believe now that why ive never experienced these things is because of these expectations and beliefs.

There seems to be a part of me that doesnt embrace these things and dont believe in myself. Like when im in a LD I want a thing to manifest, there is a part of me that expects it not to happen, so it doesnt. This coupled with an underlying belief that I dont have what it takes makes a bad combo. Im trying to give myself positive affirmations to counter, but would love some more advice and experience on how others deal with this kind of issue. In advabce, thanks!

Lucid dreaming is something that has been proven to exist, through scientific studies. So, rather than seeing it as a fairy tale, see it as something more scientific. That should help with belief. See your attempts at lucid dreaming and what you try to do in them as experiments.

As for creating things, I have just a few tips which have worked for me. Don’t try to stare something into existence. Turn your back, believe (key word is believe, not imagine) that it/they are there, then turn back around. You could also try to believe them to be behind a door for a person, or believe it to be in a drawer/cupboard for an object. The last tip I can give is to use hand gestures when trying to create something. For me, waving my hand (in the direction I want it to appear) while believing something will appear is more likely to work than without the gesture. I suppose the reason it helps is because you are doing something, so it’s easier to believe something will happen.

A lot of this stuff changes from person to person, but I hope I helped.

Like ardosk says, LDing isn’t related to spirits, paranormal, healing and stuff. I’ve never experienced any of that ‘mumbo jumbo’ either (I’m probably way too sceptical for it), but have no to trouble believing I can do whatever I want in a LD.

(I have more trouble remembering what I want in a LD :grin: )

was there a time you didnt believe in lucid dreaming?