How far back does your dream journal go?

I have rather clear recall of dreams from when I was little, but I began recording my dreams in a journal mid 2009. My recall picked up in 2010 and has been getting weaker this year. The idea of rereading my dreams in the future seems like an awesome motivator though. I really think I just need to take some more time out of my day to think about dreaming though.

The first dream I ever wrote in a DJ was March 30th, 2010, and I’m still actively writing in the very same journal today (it contains over 400 pages).

I can’t wait to finish up in this journal. I bought a new one about half a year ago and it had a dark flexible cover with neon green lettereing as well as at the tips of the papers. I also bought special pencils to write in the journal with CB

I remember I had a dream diary in my childhood and wrote down some of my most memorable dreams and dream characters (mostly nightmares or recurring characters- I often dreamt about skeletons dead people, abandoned/dark places or other disturbing things). I only remember a few of them - only small dream fragments. My current DJ is from 2008 - 2009 when I took notes consciously not just fragments from my dreams. Then last year I began to LD and wrote down my dreams more detailed - sometimes (in lack of time… or before going to somewhere - and have to hurry) just list down the key elements that were in the dream.

My first DJ (hand written) began with a dream dated 16/09/1993! I filled up a lot of foolscap books until I got my first computer around 1995 (an Atari 1040ST with a whole 1meg of ram! LOL) and from that point forward all dreams were recorded on computer. I was having lots of NDs and LDs prior to 1993 but never bothered to keep a DJ for some reason. I lost several YEARS worth of DJ entries when my computer went under in a flood and I foolishly didn’t have a back up - it was devastating at the time as I really enjoy going back over old dreams. Anyway, that’s my story :smile:

My first dream entry was probably from around late 2009. I didn’t know about “lucid dreaming” at the time though…

Maybe some time in early 2010 or late 09 XD after watching sharkboy and lava girl I thought I’d test out the DJ thing.

i just started writing in my DJ but i have quiet alot of dreams from my childhood that is insanly clear to me, even in smaller details :smile:

First time I started writing down dreams was feb 2008 :razz:

This is one of the reasons I love dreaming so much! Like you, I also recall vividly some dreams from my distant past even though many real life memories from that time have faded away.

It genuinely surprises me that so many ppl don’t seem to be interested in their dreams…that’s why, to me, LD4all is gold :smile:


My first hand written goes back to about 2007-2008. I had no idea what a dream journal was back then, I just wrote down my dreams (well, mostly my nightmares), because my friend thought it would be interesting for us to dissect them.

My first attempt at writing a dream journal was in 2005. I was twelve. Back then I didn’t know that it was possible to work on dream recall, i thought it was simply a question of luck that the dream didn’t vanish.

Later, in november 2009, I discovered the whole dream recall and LD thing and decided to record all my dreams. Never stopped ever since.

I first wrote in my “official” dream journal September 30, 2011. However, I often had dreams that inspired story plots (unfortunately no dates, but I think they were from June/July/August of 2010) so I wrote those down so I could remember.

I just started my dream journal last month :meh: I really should have started it a long time ago

My DJ goes back to Fall 2012, now I remember my dreams every day, but sometimes i have to be a bit patient until I can recall the dream, but when i remember the first detail, the rest of the dream comes back really fast

I started around May 2012, but my dream recall fell back after we moved, and I kind of just “forgot” about writing in my dream journal, which led to me forgetting about reality checks and stuff.

Only early this year. I found out about lucid dreaming pretty recently.

I had journals back to 1998, but I began asking myself “Why keep these?” so I threw them out. I rarely went back and re-read them. Now I wish I hadn’t done that. All I kept (unintentionally) was a typed record of my first consciously-induced OBE in 1999.

Currently, I just have written records going back to 2010.

But, of course, I still remember dreams and LDs from childhood that it never occurred to me to write down. The really important dreams I remember well, if not in the same detail that had been preserved in my old journals.

My journal is in the LD4all DJ section it’s entirety. I should make a backup just in case but I never got around to it. It goes back to the Q4 of 2007.

I have been keeping a hand written journal since 1989. I’ve transcribed a lot of them onto the computer and the new ones go either in the handwritten one or the computer, depending on how fast I seem to be losing the details. I am not good about daily recording. I have a habit of not writing them down if I tell them verbally to somebody or if I text one or some other method.