How good is your dream recall?

I used to remember only 2-3 per week, but that is when I wasn’t actively trying to remember them. Since then it became more like 2-3 per night.

If you don’t actively try and remember things, you’re less likely to. That goes for daily life and dreaming.

You only have 5-6 dreams a night, but if your recall is a bit “bad” you might only remember a few fragments from the same dream, and it will seem as more dreams.

Not necessarily.

It’s possible to have 10+ dreams a night. During a period of poor sleep I’ve had up to 12 different dreams after waking up several times during the night.

Also when I am stressed about somewhere I have to be in the morning, I often wake up every 10-20mins from around 7pm onwards. I will slip straight into a dream and wake up, so it is definitely possible they were 10 different dreams.

I think the right number is about 15 =P
Are you thinking there’s just one dream for each REM phase? Because there can be several, and we don’t only dream in REM :content:

I remembered 7 dreams, fell asleep again, woke up and remembered 3 more =P

It’s like Mohegan says :smile:

I usually remember 2 dreams a night when I’m not really trying, although it’s hard to distinguish one dream from another it I sleep a solid night. But when I say “not really trying,” I mean, not making dream recall a priority in my daily life by self-prompting myself to remember constantly. And I usually have a very limited time to write every morning.

On school days, probably none. When I wake up naturally without an alarm clock, 2-4ish

oh, god, my dream recall is going down. I’ve stopped trying to have an LD, because I heard that it can work sometimes, so I stopped writing in my DJ.
Don’t EVER do that. Your DR will go down fast!

My dream recall was (and still is) absolutely terrible. A few weeks ago I couldn’t remember anything - I would be lucky if I could remember one every two weeks.

Luckily it has been improving, for the last week or so I’ve gotten one every two days or so and I had my first partial LD last night, though it was quite… unusual.

I’m not exactly sure whether my DR is good or bad, I can usually remember a couple of fragments from a dream, sometimes from up to four, but I can NEVER remember an entire dream. It might still be good though because a recent dream, for instance, I can remember fragments but I’m pretty sure that that dream was several hours long, and I could only remember one big fragment of half and hour to an hour and a couple of fragments from several hours earlier, and possibly another fragment from an hour or two before that but that might have been a dream from a previous night with the beginning of that night’s storyline. Anyways, that dream was at least 2 hours long.

Also, sometimes I have to remember and write down my dream right when I get up, and other times it will randomly come to me in the middle of the day, and I can reconstruct parts from that fragment.

I recall my dreams about 2 per day. Somtimes I don’t recall any.

My DR is excellent… but it’s better some mornings than others. I simply have selective DR. My brain just chooses to remember awesome or highly detailed dreams… If I dig into my memory, I can usually pull up what I dreamt about, but it’s much more vague than the awesome or highly detailed dreams… :lol: If that made sense.

I usually remember 5-6 dreams each morning.

every time i sleep i get about 2-3, but its hard to separate them. and if i use WBTB, them i get 2x as many dreams. these are ND, i have yet to do a full LD

It depends on how many of the dreams are emotionally significant. Just like in real life, I remember emotional events better. So on a good night, I can remember about 6 snippets of dreams.

Recently my dream recall has gone screwy on me >.> Oh well… it’ll get better…

Almost nonexistent. Something like once every week or two I remember some seconds of a dream.

I used to have a great dream recall,till some weeks before when suddently it stopped.I thought it may be because at that times i would sleep little,like 6 hours.On the last days it got better again,as my sleep is normal.

My dream recall = great :content:
I remember at least 1 dream a night

Same :happy:

I remember about 1-3 dreams a night not too clearly, but sometimes i remember one ( or more) dream in great detail.

My maximum has been four a night, I average out at 2-3.