How good is your dream recall?

It’s perfectly normal. Most of my dream memories gets triggered by different stuff. Like yesterday I saw a crack in a window outside and BAM, I remember half my dream where I had thrown stones at windows ^^ The important thing is not how you remember your dreams, as long as you do remember them.

I usually recall 2 dreams per night and some not at all.

most nights i recall about 2-4 dreams, while occasionally i’ll recall 5+

I remember a dream as soon as I wake up from it. My dream journal has a glow in the dark cover on it so I can find it easily :content:

Usually it’s 2-3, but I’ve had as much as 10. Most of them, however, disappear if I don’t write them down in 5 minutes =/

I think a bad Dream Recall would be no recall at all for one week. If you remember 2 dreams per night, thats very good.

In my case, unless I sleep 9 hours and more, I have to set an alarm to wake up at 1.5 hours interval. Then, my dream recall is very good. But sometimes, even with an alarm, my dream recall goes very low. Last night was very good, but the 2 previous one, nothing, no memory :sad:

I used to remember only 2-3 per week, but that is when I wasn’t actively trying to remember them. Since then it became more like 2-3 per night.

If you don’t actively try and remember things, you’re less likely to. That goes for daily life and dreaming.

You only have 5-6 dreams a night, but if your recall is a bit “bad” you might only remember a few fragments from the same dream, and it will seem as more dreams.

Not necessarily.

It’s possible to have 10+ dreams a night. During a period of poor sleep I’ve had up to 12 different dreams after waking up several times during the night.

Also when I am stressed about somewhere I have to be in the morning, I often wake up every 10-20mins from around 7pm onwards. I will slip straight into a dream and wake up, so it is definitely possible they were 10 different dreams.

I think the right number is about 15 =P
Are you thinking there’s just one dream for each REM phase? Because there can be several, and we don’t only dream in REM :content:

I remembered 7 dreams, fell asleep again, woke up and remembered 3 more =P

It’s like Mohegan says :smile:

I usually remember 2 dreams a night when I’m not really trying, although it’s hard to distinguish one dream from another it I sleep a solid night. But when I say “not really trying,” I mean, not making dream recall a priority in my daily life by self-prompting myself to remember constantly. And I usually have a very limited time to write every morning.

On school days, probably none. When I wake up naturally without an alarm clock, 2-4ish

oh, god, my dream recall is going down. I’ve stopped trying to have an LD, because I heard that it can work sometimes, so I stopped writing in my DJ.
Don’t EVER do that. Your DR will go down fast!

My dream recall was (and still is) absolutely terrible. A few weeks ago I couldn’t remember anything - I would be lucky if I could remember one every two weeks.

Luckily it has been improving, for the last week or so I’ve gotten one every two days or so and I had my first partial LD last night, though it was quite… unusual.

I’m not exactly sure whether my DR is good or bad, I can usually remember a couple of fragments from a dream, sometimes from up to four, but I can NEVER remember an entire dream. It might still be good though because a recent dream, for instance, I can remember fragments but I’m pretty sure that that dream was several hours long, and I could only remember one big fragment of half and hour to an hour and a couple of fragments from several hours earlier, and possibly another fragment from an hour or two before that but that might have been a dream from a previous night with the beginning of that night’s storyline. Anyways, that dream was at least 2 hours long.

Also, sometimes I have to remember and write down my dream right when I get up, and other times it will randomly come to me in the middle of the day, and I can reconstruct parts from that fragment.

I recall my dreams about 2 per day. Somtimes I don’t recall any.

My DR is excellent… but it’s better some mornings than others. I simply have selective DR. My brain just chooses to remember awesome or highly detailed dreams… If I dig into my memory, I can usually pull up what I dreamt about, but it’s much more vague than the awesome or highly detailed dreams… :lol: If that made sense.

I usually remember 5-6 dreams each morning.

every time i sleep i get about 2-3, but its hard to separate them. and if i use WBTB, them i get 2x as many dreams. these are ND, i have yet to do a full LD

It depends on how many of the dreams are emotionally significant. Just like in real life, I remember emotional events better. So on a good night, I can remember about 6 snippets of dreams.

Recently my dream recall has gone screwy on me >.> Oh well… it’ll get better…