How hard are you sleeping?

I was just thinking back of when I had this nightmare about mummies and they wanted to capture me an put me in their tomb, so to speak. I was about 8 or 9 years old so back then I would go to sleep in my parents room for comfort and safe assurance. Only when I tried to wake myself up I couldn’t, my parents finally woke me up by shaking me furiously. I think they were mostly trying to make me stop pounding my head with my fists in order to wake myself up.

How deep in a sleep are you if you can’t wake up from consistently punching yourself in the head? :confused:

***Actually now that I think about it I would call that my first lucid dream since I took out Lysol spray out of nowhere in order to defend myself until I woke up [ I didn’t really know about pepper spray back then but I knew in the movies if you sprayed a person trying to harm you they backed off :content: ].

Hmmm… causing physical harm upon yourself to wake up. Wow, I’ve never heard of anything so extreme. I found it interesting that your SC would break sleep paralysis to wake you up, but not stop the nightmare…

Was this a common event or did it only happen once?