How long did it take you?

After seven months of trying, I finally got to the point where I was like “Oh, I’m dreaming!” Then, BAM! I wake up.
Then, two months later, (nine months or so from the day I started), I had a lucid dream that lasted longer than 10 seconds.

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I had one in my first 3 days, I had like 20 that month, I cant keep count
its been over six months and ive had way too many to keep count
probably up over 100+

3 Months until I had my first one.

To be really precise:
Started Lucid Dream research on August 23rd 2006
First documented LD: 29th August 2007

So in my case just above a year.

It took me a little over 3 weeks.
It’s been 2 weeks since that but I still haven’t had my 2nd LD

It took me 7 days (voted for 1-2 weeks in the poll) to have a LD when I started the Infinity program/plan. I had lucid dreams before that, though I wasn’t that much into it, so they were just natural I guess, not intentional.

P.S. I never finished the whole Infinity course. ):

Took me about 3 weeks after coming here for the first time. :content:

It took me just 15 days to have my first LD.

Began research from here and other sites like the wikibook on the first of October and had my first one on the 15th.

I once had a lucid dream 7 or 8 years ago. Now I began the to find out about lucid dreams Feb 29 and by yesterday (Mar 6) I had my first lucid dream, but that was because of intense auto-affirmation, not auto-sugestion, reality checks about every 5 minutes and trying to use like 5 dream induction methods the same day.

I joined in July last year, and had my first LD on October 6th, so, about 3 months. It was my most vivid and longest-lasting LD to date.

I constantly neglected to write down my dreams usually from laziness of getting up, and usually forgot them by the time I could be bothered… So it took me about 5 months? I need to check my DJ for exact xD But I’d only recorded down like 12 dreams from all that time…I am bad v.v; MUST TRY HARDER NOW~!

I found one of my DJs that dated back to January 2007 and ended around May 2007. My last full LD was last fall and I have not had one since. I’m still trying.

Less than a week… actually, the first night.

Unfortunately, I’m suffering from an endless dry spell.

Less than a week when i first tried. Nowadays it’s harder for me. Maybe because in the beginning the motivation is bigger to really want it!
So i’m now searching for ways that will help me getting it easier.

i cannot understand how i could feel…
like if i was in a ND and suddenly realised i was in ND i would convert to LD state?how does it feel?how can you specify “Vivid” ?

You don’t have to be lucid to experience ‘vividity’ :wink: A vivid dream is simply a dream that’s so clear and detailed.

and if you can act like in RL + the crazy stuff in your mind you are on LD ?

thanks for info :woo:

I don’t really know. :o

I believe that mine was after about a month of trying, but I can’t really remember.

I’ve had mine one day ago, which was about 2 months of trying.
But it’s so worth it :smile: