How long does it take to start seeing H.I.'s?

I’ve been trying to use the WILD method, but I never seem to have any luck with it, and I was wondering how long it usually takes before one starts seeing HIs.

I’m aware that it probably varies from person to person, but I just want to get a better idea of how long it usually takes. All advice is greatly appreciated!

I do not usually try to WILD, but when I practice having OBEs (which is a very similar process-just no lucid dream) the HI comes a lot quicker in combination with WBTB. I would say about 15-30 minutes. But as you practice and the more relaxed you are (which does make quite a difference) it may be quicker.
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The Luciddator

I think it can vary, as you said. But for me I usually get them when I wake up in the morning and go back to sleep. The most vivid HI I’ve had (and that was as clear as waking life) just came out of nowhere, I can’t say how long it took… :eh:

I agree with the other responses so far, WILD is much easier after WBTB.
I’ve only succeeded with WILD a few times, and in most cases it was after I woke up, and went right back to sleep (within a few minutes). I started seeing HI after three or four minutes of falling back to sleep.
The problem that has thwarted most of my attempts is knowing when you’re still imagining things as opposed to seeing HI. I usually lose track and end up falling asleep normally.

For me it takes like half an hour when I do it in the afternoon.

I haven’t yet got to HI before, but I’ve got to SP, which is a start.

I don’t know why, but whenever I have SP, it’s always indicated by something - a loud imagined noise, some sort of weird gut feeling that brings me out of my dream incubation, or last time,a small tickle in the upper half of my spine.

I sometimes forget how pleasant the numbness of SP is on a hot night :smile:

I used to always believe I never saw HI, but now I begin to think otherwise.

When trying WILD, I lay there and let my mind wander, and sometimes I almost feel like I am seeing the things my mind is imagining. It’s not like seeing in real life. I don’t really see anything, but my mind imagines so vividly it’s almost like seeing. Kinda hard to explain, but as soon as I am aware of what is happening, I instantly snap out of the visions and lose everything that I was “seeing.”

I get this fairly quickly, usualy after laying for 15 mins with my mind wandering.

I get the same thing as Eyegug. Whenever I think of something it sorta comes out as if it was real life, pretty vivid. Once I notice it I am able to hold it on for a while and observe it. I never thought of that as HI :razz:. It usually comes up around 10 minutes maybe after in bed relaxing (maybe even less).

seeing HI’s requires that your assemblage point, or area of attention, or focus point, or loca, or any other word

is focused in the right places,

to see HI you need to focus innately upon the forehead center while falling asleep, this produces fluid HI which are more abstract and geometrical,

to see dream scenes which can be entered into, one focuses upon third eye (forehead, or the nasal cavity, or between the forehead and the nose, wherever feels natural) while falling asleep, and when in SP or the hypnagogic state, then shifts down to the throat or the brainstem in the middle of the head, at the base of the skull

now of course, you can see HH without doing any of these things at all, just by it happening on its own, but this a way to deliberately do it.

I was experimenting with HIs this morning. It took me no more than about 2 minutes every time, and I managed to have about 10 within the hour. Seems to be way more effective when you aren’t thinking about a certain topic and just let your mind go wild with randomness like it usually does when you’re about to fall asleep. As soon as the HI starts and you realize it, I found it easy to change the atmosphere right then and there, instead of trying to achieve it straight off whilst trying to get to sleep.