How long does it take to WILD?

Ive gone for like 15 minutes before and quit is that too long to the point I “already missed the bus”, or did I not go long enough?

For me, WILD takes about an hour after WBTB. :yawn: Of course, I’m slow to fall asleep in the first place, so it might be faster for you, but 15 minutes still might be a bit soon to give up hope. :smile:

A little hint is to read the faqs and such a bit yeah? if you read anything regarding wild it will say that do not, do NOT try for just a few minutes/15 mins etc, wild is going from reality, into your dreams, the transition is not going to be instant, you have to be patient, and also, way to many ask “is ___ minutes to long” just go with it yeah? Good luck, for me it takes me 20 minutes just to get farthest ive ever gotten and i still havent gotten HI yet.

It usually takes me about 10 mins with WBTB. But that’s actually probably much closer to chaining, as I rarely get up during WBTB at all except to check the time.

But it varies from person to person. Some people can get to sleep the minute their head hits the pillow, so it would take them faster to WILD than an insomniac.

I accidentally WILDed my first time.

I was planning on it, but I lost my concentration. Luckily I recognized the sensation of falling that usually makes me thrash awake, and it snapped me back to the matter at hand.

I just rode the sensation through. It’s hard to say how long I was trying because it could have been any amount of time after I lost my concentration. I have not yet been able to hold my concentration long enough to WILD on purpose.


Good luck

Ive yet to go Lucid but Ive gotten to HI but then I freaked out and lost it. But it took me like 1 hour and 15 minutes and I was using WBTB…but thats probably because I usually take awhile to fall asleep.

I can’t possibly have WILD!! I’ve been trying for 2 hours and nothing happened… :sad:

Sd it is possible to try TOO hard, perhaps you need to just concentrate and let everything go, a technique i notice will help me progress and get my limbs to numb and my body to dim a bit is to just run a few dream scenes through my head, just a few random thoughts that last for 4-5 mins each, when i realize okay, stop, time to work on counting, my body is pretty numb and ready to focus on ld’ing

How long?
It depends on sooo many things.

The first REM (dreaming) phase occurs roughly 90 minutes after the body falls asleep, if you try it without WBTB.

However, with WBTB, you are much much closer to the REM phase, so It’s quicker. I suppose the time you wake up and go to sleep again matters aswell.

However, at one point, I managed to achieve the HS 3 nights in a row, in a matter of seconds.
I woke up in the middle of the night (not deliberately), and, this is important- I did not move at all, so that “numb” sensation you get during trying WILD was still there from sleep.

Hope this helps… But to answer your question, keep going trying it for a long long time

when u guys do WILD do you get up during WBTB or do u just stay in ur bed and try to do the WILD? :confused:

WOW, I gave up at counting to 1000. Hmm and that it without a WBTB (I can never get up lol) I guess I need to try harder, and find a longer attention span, however I have gotten HI once and that was within a couple minutes (I opened my eyes to see if I was dreaming, I wasn’t) and then I got SP but it just went away then I lost concentration

When WILD:ing, try to drift away for just a little while- Think of something you’ve done or are going to do. Think about this but do not “enter your mind”- Always keep your focus on the HI. Drift away while watching the HI.

This gives a perfect balance and WILD:ing goes so much faster. Ofcourse you’ll need to know how to use the HI to get lucid.

I had a similar experience, and from when I started trying I estimated it took about an hour, then I dreamt for roughly an hour and woke up when it finished.

Last night I didn’t get any sleep at all because I was trying for hours. It drove me crazy. It was stupid of me really. I should have gone to sleep normally and tried in the morning.

OK this is insaine, I must have ADD. I can not concentrate on counting for very long untill I fall asleep, do I have to try when I am not tired?

i usually listen to music whilst trying WILD, it allows me to get fairly deep compared to without music

the strangest thing that has happened is that the bit of HI i have got a lot clearer(almost like waves of sunlight), i visualizations were unusually bright and for some reason, i started smiling without consciously wanting to, some other things also happened that aren’t too important, i don’t think i had HA, but then i got too uncomfortable to keep going really,

also, when i just wake up, i can continue the dream visualizing, but i can never get the hearing the way it was in the dream