how long does WILD take

anyone know how long it usually takes?

I had not had a succeslful WILD but to get my arms and legs numb about 1 hour .

To get to the relaxed, numb-ish state, it takes me anywhere from 10 mins to half an hour. I havent really passed that state, so I cant comment on the rest. But its up to the individual and how long they’ve been practising WILD for.

It really comes down mental focus & experience…as time goes on you will always be refining your skills(LD is just a skill just like anything else) and it will become easier & faster.

With WILD’s you really have to focus on what your purpose is for LD’ing unlike a DILD where everything is already being projected,obviously you can change the scenery, but I don’t reccomend it for someone new as it tends to wake them up or cause them to lose lucidness.

there is no clear cut answer for how long, as I can do it in as short as 10-15min to 1/2 hour depending on my mood or health(usually when I am sick it becomes easier, because I am naturally more tired and fall asleep faster) and even the weather, like rainy/gloomy days it feels almost instant lol

I would suggest some good meditation sessions to supplement your WILD training, because they both help each other, where DILD/MILD it’s not as big of a factor, those rely more on situational awareness & sensory cues than anything.

And just in case you don’t already know, ALWAYS have a plan before you try WILD’ing, it can become extremely easy to lose focus(this is where the meditation helps) on what you intended to do(fly,explore, converse with DC’s, etc) when you don’t do these often. plus while it may fun to just go crazy and interact with every person/object in site, it’s better to have a “to-do” list and carry them out and forget everything else.

WILD’s can be pretty tricky at first, but your percentage of actually having steady ld’s(daily or bi-daily) will greatly increase with practice since you are planning to LD from the get-go, unlike a DILD where there’s a higher chance you’ll just “sleep” through it.

Honestly WILD depends on how quickly you fall asleep, if you’re the type that is asleep before your head hits the pillow WILD is going to be pretty easy. At the other end of the spectrum if you take 20 minutes to get to sleep you might get frustrated waiting for stuff to happen.

because i thought it took 2 hours or something to go into the REM cycle, or something

Thats if you’re attempting WILD straight away when you go to sleep. :content: Ultimately, you should do WILD with WBTB to achieve results, as you end up waking up in REM sleep and so you can immedietely jump back into it.

Depends of tiredness, time of night, how long it usually takes you to get to sleep etc. For me I would estimate 10-15 minutes.

I havn’t attempted WILD in a long time, Nor Lucid Dream. But when I used to do it, It took me a few minuites to get vibrations and twitches, Then about 10-15 to get into the SP

Gee you guys are lucky. When I do wild without WBTB, I could still be just laying there after 2 and a half hours and go on until my body starts to ache, without any results.

I see the same questions every month…

  1. Depends on the person.
  2. Depends if you have WBTB.
  3. Depends on the exhaustion you’re body has.

Now then, my advice is WBTB, and then WILD. It works a lot of the times.

it takes me a long time to go into WILD (however I never have much like w/ WILD)

the first time i tried wild it was in the afternoon. i was incredibly tired and needed a nap and it honestly worked like a charm. i drifted quickly and conciously into sleep right through the intense vibrations that only seemed to last about 4 seconds.
next thing i knew i was hurtling forward at top speed into my basement wall, floated through the ceiling, got stuck, made it out to my backyard and everything went fuzzy and gray from there.
strange thing is i haven’t really tried it since, god knows why, but my body is fickle about falling asleep where sometimes it takes hours and sometimes 10 minutes.
i’m going to try again soon. but i see that the main thing is make sure you can get to sleep quickly and relaxed.

Yesterday night (no WBTB) got excited during the vibrations that arrived in 1h30’