How long Dream Journals?

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How long (on average) do you write about your dreams every night?

I just began my dream journal today and I wrote two and a half A4s on the computer. Just for one night!

Do you guys write this long?

I’m not sure I have the time and energy to write this long. But I don’t think I can write shorter, I would miss alot of the details.

Help me!

one way of cutting down on the details … is to write them up a little later in the day. Your memory will lose the details that you don’t need.
for average dj post lengths … just peek into a few djs in our dream diary forum :content:

I thought that the purpose of writing was that you wouldn’t forget those details?

my suggestion was as a time saver. you would still be thinking of your dreams and the full details when you first wake but not writing pages of details every morning.
it’s all a matter of choice

I’ve kept a DJ for over 11 years. First I wrote down every detail during the night, but that was just soo much work when you’re half asleep. I switched to writing down a few keywords at night. You can do that without having to switch on the light. Then in the morning the keywords are enough to recall the dream.

(allthou I sometimes find I wrote something during the night that I can really not recall dreaming. Like last week “laborador…”)

note: when writing down keywords in the dark, make sure you don’t over write your previous dream (happened to me loads of times).

Dreams from start of my dream diary:

Now, one of longer descripted dreams:

I’ve been needing load of time to write something like first one. And, long description of often boring dreams is crappy. I am writing olny one point of dream, mostly leaving dreams with loads of gaps/broken dreams unwrited.

This is typical for me as well. There’s an easy solution - just don’t write every day. I know it’s really hard to shorten it, because it leaves so much out. What I do is only type up the dreams I consider the best, or most interesting, or that really have a big impact on me, and I write them in full, with all the details. The others, I don’t bother with, because I just don’t have the time - and if they’re dull dreams, there’s not much point in writing them up anyway, as I see it.

I don’t have the problem with time so i take a long time to write, and if theres a lot to write it becomes long. I am probably going to be facing this issue at some point. It makes sense to write later in the day when you have more time for long descriptions. If you forget stuff, no biggie, you’ll probably get better at it in time. I suppose the problem is the time it takes. Because only the length I see no problem with.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think it is important for developing dream-recall to write down every dream in as much detail as possible. Just writing the ‘interesting’ dreams might not work.

Two and a half hours doesn’t seem like such a stretch to me; I’ve written dreams for that amount of time in the past, so you’re not alone. Then again, I can also be a bit slow at times, and I tend to procrastinate on my work. :roll: One solution to not spending too much time on writing down longer dreams while still keeping the same mount of detail is to not write in complete sentences, and just grab a notebook and scribble it all down in note form. The use of complete sentences, paragraphs, and transition statements can add some time in the writing process, rather than just writing all of the raw details as you remember them.

I’ve only done this on very long dreams; most of the time I write in complete sentences in my dream journal to save me from the task of making sentences from notes when I decide to post them later. However, just writing the raw details when I need to comes in handy when I’m either feeling lazy or I’m short on time. :grin: