How long have you gone without sleep?

Who the hell has actually stayed up for 6 or 7 days? were you using stimulits or something?

I’ve stayed up for 57h. Those were the last 3 days of my student exchange year in the US and the flight home. I was partying two nights in a row and couldn’t sleep during the day cuz I was too excited. When I was back home I went to bed without a word and slept for 16h. I think my parents were worried.

I submitted 4-5 days, I have a wierd thing about sleeping… I hate to waste too much of my time here, so I rarely sleep for more than 3-5 hours. But once I had to change internet and the technician would come monday from 7 to 16 a clock (yes hole day waiting!), and I just want to stay up at night to 3-4 a clock, so I just stayed up all night… But the dude didn’t come the next day - argh, so I stayed up all day and night again waiting for him to come next day - STILL didn’t come, argh, at this point I was so tired, but still I just stayed up… days went, the dude didn’t come all week. So friday I went to work, and when I was about to go home about 16 a clock, was waiting for the train, I was awake but my hole body suddenly collapsed, fell down. Ok, home to get some sleep ups :wink:

It’s been a while since I’ve gone more than 30 hours without sleep, but on occasion I’ll stay up a couple nights in a row. It doesn’t even have to be for anything special or important. :razz: If I’m doing something interesting at night, I won’t feel like stopping it 'till dawn. xD

I think my longest is a little less than three days.

New personal record: 48 hours.
And I didn’t hallucinate or anything :eh:

I’ve gone camping a week ago and stayed awake all night, I hallucinated quite a lot. I even fell asleep the next day, -home again-, while watching TV. This never happens to me, I was planning to WILD that night too =.= :sad:

Only a day…when it gets to the next morning i feel all hyper and stuff. I was at my friend’s house and we did it, and then i came home and was like “woo, i stayed up all night!” and around 9AM i fell asleep and slept until 4, messing up my sleep schedule for a couple of days. Luckily it was summer so i didn’t have school.

Who said they went without sleep for over a week?!

This is probably a bad idea, but how about a competition for who can go longest without sleep. It would have to take place sometime in the summer holidays seeing as going into school\college without any sleep is a bad idea.

I am now expecting someone to tell me a list of all the bad symptoms of getting no sleep but oh well I want to try this anyway.

The longest I’ve gone without sleep before is about 36 hours.

Yes, that does sound like a bad idea. Here’s a wikipedia article about sleep deprivation

About 39 hours.

Yeah I know, but they’re all short term if it gets too much I can just go to sleep.(Hopefully not to wake up and find that I killed my family in a psychotic rage)

Haha… symptoms include:

-weight loss
-weight gain

actually that probably due to the hypothalamus playing up.


Who said all symptoms were temporary?

And the most feared:


I also just saw on Wikipedia that the world record is either 11 or 18 days.

Haha… symptoms include:

-weight loss
-weight gain

:lol: Well, atleast it doesn’t include no net weight change :razz:

Well weight loss and weight gain are no big deal that can be sorted out by eating a load of chocolate\not eating a load of choclate.

I don’t think you could physicaly stay awake for long enough to actually die from sleep seprivation and if I found myself going mental or really ill I’d just go to sleep. I just want to see how long it takes for that kind of thing to happen, and briefly what it’s like.

34 hours. Not very impressive perhaps, but I won’t try it again anytime soon. I can barely function without atleast 6 hours of sleep a night, just think about what no sleep does to me.

20 hours. Pretty pathetic compared to many other people here, but I pride myself on getting plenty of sleep. I feel miserable and stupid with little of it, and that’s no way to go through life. If I can help it, I won’t surpass one full day without glorious sleep. :content:

Did you read the article linked around somewhere back there?

What they do in lab experiments with rats is tehy have a curved living surface which works a little like a pirate ship at theme parks… rocking from side to side (albeit very slowly in the experiment) so you have to move to the other end at least every few minutes otherwise youll just roll down. So you have to either stay awake or get woken up when you start rolling.

and @Tamara and sno_isulli… This isnt a competition. You should be quite pleased to have had so much sleep.

Oh, I’m well aware of it! I wouldn’t call sleep “glorious” and hope to not surpass 24 straight hours without any if I didn’t value it. :wink:

Besides, I’m also well aware of the horrible effects a loss of adequate sleep can have on a person. In my Sleep and Dreams class, we watched a documentary about a man who attempted to break a record and go so many days without sleep. After hallucinating and falling into a heavy depression, his life went downhill and he died prematurely. It was pretty bleak, to say the least.

Thats cruel! But what I meant was that you couldn’t stay awake long enough to die unless you were getting woken up, I was assesing my own dangers if I try and stay awake as long as possible and seeing as I’m not going to be rolling up and down I’d probably naturally fall asllep before I die. ( I’d just make myself go to sleep if I got really bad anyway.)

the longest I’ve been without sleep was 2 days,last summer.I kinda,messed up my whole sleeping cycle that summer ( staying up till 6.A.M. and whatnot ) so that led to insomnia and 2 days without sleep