How long have you gone without sleep?

I Like sleeping and I like being awake, What I dont like is waking up.
My longest is having to wake up at 07:00 on Thursday and going to sleep just before midnight on friday (41 hours?).
I had to do this every week during term time at Uni to keep up with work.

Getting no sleep can make me wonderfully delirious. Once I laughed for an entire school day with my friend using “bitches” as a pronoun. “Bitches need to learn how to walk!” It was HILARIOUS because we were so darn tired and delirious.

Sleep deprivation makes the world funnier.

But sometimes it conflicts with my liking sleep so much. :razz:

I’ve broken my record! Stayed up from seven or eight am in the morning, did not go to sleep until 11am next day. That is, what…27 hours! That moves me up a category, doesn’t it? :happy:

And I only slept for two hours, then I was up again.

i was up for 40 hours, i heard feet scampering on the roof and saw rain inside

My record is 2 weeks. I sh*t you not. I ended up having a psychotic episode and having to goto hospital and get some liquid lithium to make me sleep but thats a whole nother story…

wow. erm… congrats?

yeah you start getting pretty delusional around that stage…

my sleeping record is also pretty long… everyday i will sleep for a good 12 hours, but i think the longest i’ve slept is about 36 hours. Thats with a couple of small breaks in between though… i.e. toilet, food, drink, etc.

I find that hard to believe, as the official world record is 11 days.

Also… lithium is a reactive solid at all temperatures up to at least 100’C. Therefore the liquid metal would be very hot and very reactive. Surely you mean something else?

Otherwise, you win.

Until now, it was about 30 hours.

I haven’t been able to truly sleep for the past three days…

Stupid stressful school coming back to haunt me when I want to sleep…


I’m not one to pull all-nighters (even when pumped full of caffeine)… I get drowsy at 3am and usually pass out around 4am.


hah! well i guess i just topped the record…
although i can’t prove it im sure i could do it again (not that i want to)… its honestly not that hard (well for me anyway)… you get to a point where your past being tired… you no longer feel tired its like your mind becomes really switched on, like its been overclocked. I felt like I had mind-over-matter, and i did things that you would call ESP abilities, although it could have been coincidence or just plain delusion/hallucination I truly think it was mind-over-matter becoz thats exactly how i felt by that stage.

sorry i meant Valium… they sound so similar lol.

I knew we had an old one that had a poll :smile: merged them together so you can use the existing poll :moogle:

My record is 38 hours.

As of right now, I’ve been awake for 35 hours. I’m trying to break my record.

essentially 24 - 30 something

twice i have stayed up all night driving about 12 hours, then staying up all the day, arriving at destination in the morning,
:smile: it was fun, and the destination was a meditation retreat so i got to sleep and be refreshed in little spurts, but inevitably i would crash the day after fairly huge !
although i think the first or second time i may have gotten close to 48 without sleep sans meditation

i think my longest was 37 hours…Obama had won the election- I couldnt sleep cuz i was so excited lol. I crashed reeeeally bad after that. Felt like the mother-of-all-hangovers. :sad:

well to be honest with you i have gone through 43 and a half hours and lemme tell ya please dont keep going to the hallucionations start you will be awake for another 5 hours regreting that you have stayed up for the hallucionation. scary stuff even though i still do it some times :wink:

Thanks for the replies, guys. Interesting stuff.

I’m pleased to announce I have broken my record. I’ve now gone without sleep for 39 hours and counting.

I wonder if I’ll be able to make it to 48 hours? :eek:

Well, I made it to 41 hours yesterday, then I gave up.

I experienced drowsiness, inability to concentrate, mild euphoria/giddiness, irritability, and extremely mild occasional visual distortions.

I think I’ve never gone longer than 22 hours or so. I never have the extra day to spare the results so I never try to stay up extremely long amounts. It could be beneficial for lucid dreaming though… much like the WBTB method.

Reading this topic somehow makes me want to stay up.

But my family would probably think I’m on drugs. :tongue:

(They’re already suspicious of me always wanting to take out the trash. I think it’s fun! :grin: )

Ooh, I didnt know this kind of thread did exist :cool_raz:

My longest period without sleep is currently 40 hours, and I really didnt like the vision you get after 30 hours without sleep :no:

I stayed up 4 days straight once. I started avoiding mirrors because I would hallucinate my skin was glowning and falling off. I remember that just before I fell asleep, I hallucinated a man in a top hat in my room, asking me if I had the medicine. I didn’t know what he was reffering to, so I put my head under my covers. then I fell asleep.