How many dreams have you remembered in one night?

I just remembered 7…
1 LD-ish
1 FA
and 5 ND’s, one was just a fragment but most were long with good recall.
I slept for 10 hours.
I’ve heard you around 4 dreams per night which was the highest I’ve remembered until this… :confused: It is possible that one of the ND-fragments were part of another dream, but 6 dreams remembered is still much.
My usual is about 1-2 per night and perhaps 3 on weekends.

How many dreams per night can you have and how many have you remembered?

My record is 3 dreams with 1ld and 2nd’s
one nd was short but vivid
the other nd was quite long and still vivid
the ld was short like all of mine so far I managed to spawn a character however in the process caused myself to wake up.

My record was when I did a WBTB and remembered 4 dreams. All normal ones, haven’t had any LD’s yet :sad: , but I feel like I am getting close.

Somewhere around 4-5, I dont count how many dreams I remember per night :razz:

Instead I use “gaps” where the scene changes unless the other dream deserves an own title :tongue:

6!!! 3 LDs + 3 FA!!! O_O
It was a great night!

From one of my first posts - in this topic:

Five to seven whenI was practicing. :smile:

I think my record is five, but I’ve had up to 6 different dreams that are all chained within one sleep cycle.


my record for deams/time is 3 different dreams in a one hour nap- or maybe that only counts as one. They felt separate.

My record is 5 NDs in one night. Although these dreams are shorter in lenght than my average dreams.

3 at the least , an average of 4 , 6 at most. It took a long time of DJ’ing to get to this point.

My record is about 4

I think about 8 in one night having only slept 6-8 hours
According to most books you need to have been asleep for quite a while in order to dream. I have discovered that for me it is not the case. I can have a dream within 5 minutes of falling asleep. (found that out waiting for my daughter to get home, fell asleep at midnight and woke up at 12:10 when she got home. I was right in the middle of an intense dream related to her not being home yet).

My record is 6 NDs recalled fairly well in one night. But, usually, I’ll recall about 1-2 Dreams a night, sometimes 3-4 if I’m motivated enough.

My record is 5 NDs and in average I’ll remember 3.