How much detail to write in dream journal

I have made some changes to my lifestyle and am now having an afternoon nap every day, and since I have been doing that I have been remembering a lot of vivid dreams, so I thought now would be a great time to get back into lucid dreaming.

This morning I woke from a dream, and couldn’t remember anything at first. I struggled to find a single memory about the dream, and once I did a whole load of information came rushing back and I started to write it down. I wrote quite a few pages in my dream diary, and gave an overview of what happened, but every step of the way I was not sure how much detail to write. Now that I have finished writing it I feel like I need to write it out again with twice as much detail.

So my question to you guys is how much detail do you write in your dream journal? Also, how do you manage to write out your dreams at 3 in the morning without waking your partner and without stopping yourself from being able to fall back to sleep?

From dream recall standpoint, the more detail the better. It encourages your brain to remember more in the future.

However, writing in excruciating detail can be very tiring, so try to find the balance between detail and the point where it does not become a tedious chore.

Write as much detail as you feel comfortable with. That’s what I did. Until I stopped remembering my dreams.

Make it vivid as if explaining to someone who isn’t there. Make the reader feel as if they were in the lucid dream with you.

Woo! Someone else from Cambridge!! :tongue: :beer:

These things worried me also but I’m managing to get around them. If I wake in the night I try to make myself ‘wake up’ a little. I think about how frustrated I will be if I fall asleep again and forget everything. If it’s time for WBTB I sit up in bed to do DR for the first part of the night. personally, I found it a pain to get up out of bed, switch the light on and write illegibly in my DJ, so what I do now is invert the colours on my iPad so it’s not lighting up the room, turn the sound off and just sit in bed while I type. The other half says it doesn’t wake him so that’s good. Even if yours does, hopefully they will get used to it and just stir a little before sleeping again.

Yay I’m not the only crazy person round here! :smile:

I think I’ve largely got this problem solved now. Luckily for me my girlfriend is a pretty deep sleeper, so if I put the lamp on it doesn’t wake her up. I keep a little notebook by my bed and just scribble down some notes in it when I wake up without getting out of bed. Generally I can write down enough notes to be able to recall the dream in the morning in less than 5 minutes and I can just about get away with doing this without waking her up! When I get up in the morning I then take my notes and write a detailed log in my dream journal.

Before when I was trying to write my dream journal in full in the night it was waking my girlfriend up but I think this was because it sometimes takes 20 - 30 minutes to record my dreams in detail, and it is hard to sit up in bed for this long without dragging the covers off of her! This works a lot better and my dream journal is neater too because I haven’t written it in a hurry at 3 in the morning.

I think I got this from someone else on the forum but I don’t really remember who.

I do have a tablet which I keep next to my bed and I have tried to write up some notes on it but I find it much slower than using a pen and paper, but the advantage is you can do it laying on your back.

Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted :smile:

It made me laugh that last night I went to bed, woke in the night with a dream in my head, and didn’t bother to write notes because it was cold. I thought, ‘why am I handing out advice when I’m too lazy to lazy to do things properly myself!’ :tongue: oh well, at least I remembered it anyway…luckily.