How much melatonin do I take?

Yeah I believe he told me dosages but I wasn’t paying attention (like an idiot lol). In my defense, it was a loooong time ago :smile: I still suffer from the sleeping disorder though.

Yes, it is in the morning. I have to sleep in till 12:00 PM everyday.

Usually, I think it’s somewhere between 0.5 to 3mg, depending on why you’re taking it, and how old you are.

Given that Melatonin comes in tablet form, and basically even the smallest dose tablet will contain zillions of times more Melatonin than your body will ever naturally produce, the best thing is probably to start with the smallest dose you can ~ say, half a tablet, however much that is ~ and then just increase the amount gradually (if you need to) until it works.

0.5 to 3mg of melatonin is required, the tablets are 0.5 to 3mg of melatonin-containing extract. If you do the calculations (as it’s usually 6x extract already containing abismal amounts of melatonin to begin with) you find it is more a selling point. But hey if it works for you, it works for you :smile:

I used to take 1 3mg tablet about an hour before bed and didn’t notice much so I upped the dose to 2 tablets and noticed that I felt sleepier and more relaxed but this sometimes had a negative affect in the morning.

All in all the effects were negligable and possibly psychological but I would consider anything to get a decent nights sleep, being the insomniac that I am. :eek:

I actually had 0 dream recall and I couldn’t figure out why. I cut back on the melatonin dosage (to 3mg) and my recall is back again. I guess I was sleeping too hard…

3mg has always worked well for me.

Umm, depends on the tablets I guess.

The ones I (sometimes) use contain:

Amount Per Serving [one tablet] Calcium 89 mg Phosphorus 68 mg Melatonin 3 mg (as n-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine)

… plus filling ingredients. Which suggests that we are talking about 3mg actual Melatonin here anyway, I think? :content:

I used to get sleepy with 3-6 Grams but i now usually use 5-15 grams ( not reccomended ) just because i can’y get sleepy when im supposed tto, but i generally only use melatonin like twice a month.

slinking_ferret: You mean mg? Even still, that is a lot- you shouldn’t take 15mg ever! Past a certain point the excess is useless anyway and will only cause an imbalance. Any difference you feel is purely psychological.

If you suffer serious insomnia, see a doctor or try ZMA or somethng…

Ack, yeah i mean mg. well During that period i was taking them like caandy to calm me down because well my dog was dieing and she just got worse over a week and dies. It just helped calm me down a bit.

And yes after i diden’t take it anymore i had insomnia for about aweek.

hm… I found it at a pharmacy!

For a good night’s sleep, 1.5 - 3 mg is fine.
But for lucidity, I’ve read that you should take some 10 - 20 mg. Never tried it in this dose though.

ahhh well. you’re probably lucky/in a lucky country where it’s not regulated.

I think my dad had some raw grams he got from south africa somewhere.

I’ve had 10-20 MG of melatonin before and whenever I did i coulden’t remember any dreams and I would be sleepy for about 2 hours after i wake up.

How many of these can I take and it not be dangerous?

3 mg melatonin pills - no commercial links please :cool:
it is a low dose… could I take more than one and it not hurt me?

I take one full tablet (about 3mg). Always. I take it almost every day that I have sleep problems.

srs2388: Melatonin cannot hurt you; worst that happens is you get up a day late (happened to me.)

3 mg. should do it. Any more than that and you will sleep too deeply once you fall asleep. Also, I have found taking the valerian root along with the melatonin AND the B6 is no good. Again, it makes me sleep too hard once I fall asleep. Hope this helps.

Melatonin is the least toxic substance… or at least that’s what /they/ say. Since supposedly higher doses give you higher probability of lucidity, I will try it.

How much would I sleep if I did such thing? >_>

Interesting… melatonin is beginning to appear in other local pharmacies now… I just bought 3mg melatonin tablets today…

It is sayed that 6 mg are more than sufficiant if you don’t want to treat insomnia

here it is a pharmacy-only substance , meaning you can’t buy it at the supermarket … :happy:
I used melatonin some years ago , it gives long dreams , and obviously helps if you are insomniac , but the best thing is : you can do awesome WBTB with it ,