How much time did you spend until you have your first LD??

Last year when I was improving my Dream Recall and than practicing the Induction Methods (like DILD and MILD).
I practiced about a month to have my first LD.

So Now I’m back to LDing and I want to know how much time you spent [when you were only a beginner] to have your FIRST LD???


It took me about a week.

It took me about a month before I had one, and it only lasted a second. But im not really trying WBTB and stuff cos im busy at the moment. If I wake up naturaly in the night I will try it though. If you put the effort in it will prob happen quickly

Took me first night i tried but this wasnt a real LD it happens to some people everything was black for 2 seconds then woke up. next day a ND. Then 3rd day practicing i had an LD.

It took me 20 days after finding LD4all to have an LD. There was another topic on this subject fairly recently which you might also like to read: How long

It took me about a month, but that was with me doing WILD and not WBTB, which is the ultimate wrong thing to do for begginers

It too me about 5 days but that was like a could controll anything sort of but i diddnt know it was a dream.

3 days.

1 and a half weeks here

a week

2 months, Lasted for about 6 minutes

2 days :content:

I was very young when I had my first LD that I can recall I was around the age of 12 and one night i woke up after about 4 yours of sleep i turned my tv on and feel asleep watching it, i went into a dream knowing that it was a dream cause i remembered that i was just watching tv now i was in a diff. location, that dream seemed to have lasted many hours i wish i could remember most of it.

First Lucid Dream that i had after finding out other people could do it as will was when i was around the age of 16, I practiced with WILD after using WBTB and went into SP which is normal it runs in my family on my mothers side, (at least 2 nights a week i go into SP sometimes 3) so i closed my eyes and told myself i was about to dream and a few moments later there i was dreaming away, SP use to scare me (as most people) now i welcome it, since it happens in the REM cycle of sleep, it is a good tech. if one could get use to it,

so my first LD i didn’t need practice it just happened my first LD with practice happened on the first time i tried WBTB with WILD


I’ve joined the day after having one…

It took me about 3 days after reading about LD inducings, but it wasn’t my first.

Well if you’re only counting time spent trying to LD and not just recording your dreams, then mine happened in 0 days… if that’s possible… hehe it hit me by suprise! And what a stupid dream too… a pitch black room… but now that I think about it, this is more clear to me now than most of my nds/ld’s

took me 3 nights.

You people are fast =P
It took me 4 months after I heard about LDing. I had 2 months of just reading/studying, and 2 months of real pratice.

O days… I was in a ND and I suddenly realised it was a dream and I could controll everything around me!! :content:

About one week to increase my DR (I didn’t remember dreams at all) then 2 weeks. So it makes 3 weeks.