How much time did you spend until you have your first LD??

I could have sworn that I once posted in a topic that asked this same exact question, but I can’t seem to find it. In that case, I’ll just pretend that such a topic never existed in the first place. :tongue:

/me flashes a MIB memory eraser into the eyes of the current reader.

Ever since the day that I first heard of lucid dreaming, I’d give it an estimation of three weeks before I had my first lucid dream, and that was without any techniques, or any attempt to lucid dream at all.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! (About the posting in a similar topic). I had my first LD 2 days after hearing about them without any technique except autosuggestion. :razz:

Hey guys, you are fast!! Hehehehe

Just out of curiosity…how long did it take some of you to LD

its been probably 6th months for me…its seeming to be impossible now :confused:

It took me 2 days however this was because i was awlready experienced with medidation and trance state (gnosis) and i had had a few semi consious exit astral experiences.

i had one my first night and then nothing until about 2 weeks later when i began having them regularly.

Mm. I tried for almost a year, and then forgot about it. Then on halloween night I had my first.

It took me about 4 days from first hearing about LDs. However, I had experienced lucid moments before several times without knowing anything about it. :tongue:

Well I had some random lucid dreams without knowing about them. But if your talking about whilst actually trying to have them, I’m not really sure, because I’ve never really tried to have themthrough any particular techniques or anything it’s just that now I know and think about them i sometimes have them.

I had my first LD using RC’s this night, about 2 days after I started trying.

My method was to literally spam my RL with RC’s for a day and go to sleep.

If you mean how long it took to get a LD when you actually try to then I haven’t done so yet( although that’s because i have only been WILD ing 6 days. The only reason I do this is because I seem to have lost dream recall or at least I’m only able to when i wake up right from it or it is memorable. I have had 3 LD’s without trying though/

I had an my first ld when I was about 15, and before I had it I didnt know anything about it, så I guess it took 0 days before i got my first:P

3 weeks

Yes!! I just got my First ( actually two ) LD yesterday. Too bad they were really short.

It took me one month and I had it through reality check.


ain’t it funny that adults take 2 weeks plus, while kids say they only take a few days… bless. they’re trying to impress. mine was about 1-2weeks but before, but i had a couple when i was a kid so that helped

i had my first without trying but when i tried it took me like a day…idk i think im a natural :smile:

Havn’t had one yet… This is only my second day practicing though so… Wish me luc for tonight!! I’m doing the WBTB method…

A little above two months. I don’t count the crappy RC-induced, 2-seconds-long ones, though.

It took me about two weeks after finding this site to have my first LD. It was defintely an amazing experience, and I can’t wait till I have more!!!