How much time did you spend until you have your first LD??

just under two weeks

It actually took me 3 days from starting LD training(think it was because I was so hyped about it), now 2 weeks from my first “real” LD and still trying…Kind’a frustrating.

PS. That first LD was more of an appetizer.

An hour at most.

It was crazy, my friend had told me about her OBE experiences and I started reading about it online. Somewhere on the way I read a few things about lucid dreaming too. Then I got tired, decided to take a nap and had my first lucid dream naturally.

That was about half a year ago and I had two LD’s since then (only one longer, really lucid one though). All without induction methods. I’m just looking into that now, that’s why I joined the forum! :smile:

Good luck!

After the first day I read about it I had a LD. It only lasted a second, because some sort of evil… err… thingy was coming down the hallway toward the couch I was sitting in, and I thought, “I’m too tired to deal with this, I’m leaving!” and woke up.

It took a month for me to get another one.

A long time ago, I had LDs around twice every week, without thinking. The number gradually decreased until it was zero about three years ago. It took me around a month to have an induced one.

bout 2 weeks

i was a very fast learner :tongue:

though my LD only lasted a few seconds :sad:

same here but i used i doser

Holy crap… I’ve been thinking over lucidity since I read LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming last summer, and still no results. :cry:
Even though my dream-recall can go as high as four dreams per night, and they’ve become so much more vivid than before I started my DJ.

Almost makes me paranoid about my subconscious not letting me have the fun. :razz:

Couple months of occasionally trying, I’ve had a few short ones since then.

It all started when I quit smoking for a few weeks and was actually able to remember my dreams.

It took me about 2 months to have my first one, it’s also the only one so far that wasn’t helped by WBTB and the LD included Ethric Projecton and Dual Consciousness(I think that’s what it’s called)…I didn’t know anything other that ‘be motivated and remember your dreams’ and that’s pretty much all I did, I probably would have had better results if I kept a dream journal, but I remembered all my dreams very well regardless.

It took me 1-2 weeks.Turns out a dream joarnal really helps.
but even though i have had 5 so far after finding this website i think i have had 1 when i was 7.

after reading this topic i can’t help but get jealous :neutral:

i refuse to count the crap LDs of epic fail.

I’m with Maruta. I’ve been trying for a little over a year and I have yet to be able join in on the LD fun :sad:

since finding ld4all it took about 5 days for me to have my first LD and then a few days after that i was able to do 2 dream links, one using WILD and the other i did without thinking about it, both were pretty cool.

I found this website yonks ago, looked at it, thought that it would be way too hard for somebody like me, and two years later, I just randomly get an LD having a nap on a boat in Thailand. So I came back here because I remembered the name of the site, signed up, and so far no success. It’s been around a week of trying.

I had my first LD when I was 13 (DILD), although I didn’t know what it was and it didn’t last long. After finding LD4ALL a month later I had another DILD.

About my 3rd night

I think mine was a week and a half or two… Isn’t your first lucid always the most sentimental to you? haha ^^

About two months. My first one was two nights ago, but I woke up in about a second. My second one, tonight (all thanks to vitamin b6!) I flew around my neighbourhood. If only I could remember a bit more…

About 2 weeks after I found LD4all. Although it wasn’t a vivid lucid dream (just lasted 3 seconds :grrr: ) at least I knew I was dreaming for a short while.