How much time do you need to write your dreams every morning


I just wanted to know how much time do you need every morning to write all the dreams you had during the night ?

Personally, I think I waste too much time… Maybe 30min every day to write 3-4 dreams and thanks to that, I’m often late at work !

I should try to write faster, but I have to remember precisely the dreams, to think of any interesting details etc. so… :content:

What about you ?

Keywords help when I am pressed for time. If I am not, I usually take up to a half an hour to write them out.

You could voice record them if you feel it to be more efficient. I usually take about half an hour also.

I usually take about 15 mins at most, I used to take about 30 mins but I learned to write faster + write the most important details down.
also set yourself a target, E.G: wake up 10 mins early which already would give u an advantage, and then say I will be done by (whatever time is in about 15 mins) and when it reaches that time literally stop straight away or finish off by writing down the most important stuff and finish off later or leave it at that because u will proabably remember what happened from the keywords, just think about the dream so it is embedded in your mind while your driving to work + getting dressed.

Hope I helped. :happy:

Sadly, I’m out of proper habit and wait until the night before bed to write my dreams down. When I do write them though, the times vary depending on what I’m doing at the time.

Some nights I finish within half an hour, and others, like tonight, take me over an hour as I’m busy IRCing away simulataneously… :content:

I already wake up 10min earlier (7h10 insteand of 7h20), but i think i’m gonna wake up at 7:00 now :wink:

As I’m still looking for my dreamsigns, I prefere writing everything I remember. Not just principal ideas hoping I will remember the whole story later.
I usually have a pretty bad memory due to my lack of concentration in my daily life.

It was kinda frustrating this morning when I woke up. I was dreaming about lucid dream, talking about it to every DC, and didn’t even think to RC or take conscious of what was going on !

That sounds pretty fast for me. :tongue: Yesterday it took me 30 minutes to write down 2 detailed dreams…When I noticed that it takes me quite some time to write down my dreams I also began to set my alarm a few minutes earlier than before.

Don’t be frustrated by the dream, I would give a lot for such a dream right now. :wink: It means that you are focussed on the subject of LDing. Just add a bit of extra awareness and you will get your LD’s!

It’s usually about 15 minutes to do my dreams in the morning. If I wake up in the middle of the night and can manage to stagger out of bed to write in the dream journal, those dreams will take about 10, sometimes 15 minutes.

Lucid dreams sometimes take longer, though, because the recall is so vivid (and the dream is so important to me.)

Heh heh heh… don’t feel bad. I’ve been there too. I once had a long, quite vivid dream that took place in “The Lucid Sports Bar” where every television in the place was showing broadcasts about sports that people play while lucid dreaming. I just sat there watching those televisions, thinking how great it would be if I could only have a lucid dream. This went on and on and I never thought to reality check!

Haha, we feel so dumb when we wake up ! :tongue:

Anyway guys, thank you for the support !

I never write my dreams down on a paper, if I want to remember a dream I play through entire dream (at a faster rate) and thus I remember the dream, I sometimes use keywords if I feel I cant trust my mind :tongue:

Ten to fifteen minutes

For a long dream around 15 minutes, always straight into my dreamjournal (no pens or paper). I am a very fast typer, but I always check my English grammar 3 times :peek: .

I usually take… about 5 minutes or less? Depends on how long the dream is and how much I remember, though… often I need some time so sit around and think if anything else comes to mind. Also, I’m still new to this and rarely remember more than 2 dreams, usually just one (though I guess this gets better as I remember more and more)
It helps to wake up a bit before you have to, so you have time to write any eventual dreams.

This is a great question.

It usually takes about 15 minutes and it’s the first thing I do in the morning. My problem is my handwriting… sometimes I can’t understand what I wrote :confused:
And I thought about writing it down again later but it seems like a waste of time.

Also, what do you do when you don’t sleep in your house and you don’t have your journal or something like that? For example, I went to my aunt’s house for a few days and I didn’t take my journal but I took some notes and when I got home I wrote them with more detail (luckly I remembered most of it).

I kept a written journal and it would take me an hour! Then I started typing andthat worked better. Now I just voice record on my phone while I’m driving to work! I like this method the best!

30 minutes, an hour, depends on the night, I could spend an hour an a half easily if I wanted to write down every single detail of how my mind felt and what that reminded me of and what happened and blah blah. It’s like training wheels, as you get better with it you can lessen the details and you will remember everything anyway.

If I spend an extended amount of time writing one dream, I tend to forget the rest, so I try to write the key points of each dream as fast as I can (5 to 10) to set them in my memory and then I will fill in the details, taking anywhere from another 10 minutes to an hour. I have found myself lost for in such a state that time will cease to hold me in trying to capture an image or a feeling and forging them into the perfect phrase to represent them…Er rather, I have spent hours on particularly significant dreams trying to get the telling just right.

If I share the dream here as well, I will spend another ten to fifteen or so translating my DJ speak to something somewhat intelligible to a living being aside from myself.

I devote a near eccentric amount of time to my dreams.

It depends on the length of the dream. If its long Ill start out with key points then begin the entry from there. Recordings can take 5 minutes to an hour. Sometimes longer.