How often do YOU have an LD?

First off, greetings to all, I am relatively new here and have made a few posts around the forums. Personally I was wondering, and thought it would be interesting to see what the average LD rate per week is, and also how often certain members (specifically the older ones around here) LD.

I wouldve made a poll but not quite sure if I can or how to.

So anyway, on with it. Please simply type your average LD rate per week, as well as hwo long it took you to get this way, along with anything else you’d like to share. Personally I’m very excited to see what certain members have achieved etc. Have fun! I’ll start it off I guess.

Well, as for now, being that I am very early into attempting LD’s, i will sadly have to say that my average weekly rate is:

0 LD’s

hi :smile:
Mines 0 as well. I think all of the LDs I’ve had have been ‘natural’ - I didn’t do any technique the night before I had them. But they were all after I found out about lucid dreaming and started keeping dream journals/doing reality checks.

The most often I’ve ever had LDs is about 1 a month but hopefully I can improve this if I try and keep motivated…

I think I will try using MILD again but I need to start sleeping better first… :clock:

about 4 lds a week…

Nice man, that’s impressive.

About 2 a week ( 7-8 per month ) since last year.

Saori and Julian Iron, what techniques do you guys use to achieve this?

Maybe once a week, but it always seems to be pseudo-lucid rather than a full consciousness.

8 Lds per month is what I get when I don’t do anything special, means no techniques : I gave up WILD months ago, I always forget to do RCs, and I don’t do MILD either… I had a few good months ( about 15 LDs ) last year by doing WBTB though.

Basically, I just read a lot about LDs, write a lot as well, and keep motivation intact, which is the key word to achieve LDing… :smile:

Cool, thanks for the info.

well for me, I do alot of RCs every day, my watch beeps every hour, so I do a RC everytime it beeps. also durring the hours I do RCs if i remember (my RC is way too easy so it doesnt bother me to do it so much… I just look for anything solid… chair, table, wall… whatever, and traspass it with my finger, it doesnt take any time and there is no place for doubt in that RC :razz: ) I also have a pretty good dream recall, so make sure you write all your dreams, I know its easy to be lazy, but it really is very important.

as for techniques, basically MILD used to allways work me, but for some reason I stopped using it, last night I tried it again in a long time and worked like a charm. although Im not sure but I think MILD involves having to be awake for about half an hour or something…? anyways, as soon as I woke up I just go back to sleep, I dont even write my dreams or anything, so since I have barely moved Im extremely sleepy ,I just start repeating “next time Im dreaming Ill know Im dreaming” and in about a minute Ill be in a LD

aside from MILD, the way I mostly get all my LDs is just by doing a RC out of nowhere durring a dream. this has to do alot with the amount of Rcs I do durring the day, which are ALOT … and my dream recall which is pretty good. So most are DILDs

I’ll definitely have to start doing more RC’s, my Dream Recall has been steadily improving thankfully.

I have at least 1 LD per week but I have to improve it…


:uh: At least twice a week now, I can get a full-on LD–I’ve been attempting WILD, but it’s WBTB that’s working out for me the most :good:

I still like WILD, though :content:

I’m still somewhat new to lucid dreaming, but my success with it has soared for the past two weeks. As of those past two weeks, I’ve had an average of about 1-2 lds a week, including pre-lucid dreams. :yay:

My rate has been slowly increasing. I had 7 LD’s last month, already 9 this month, hoping for 10. Roughly that’s 1-2 a week, but I’ve had good weeks where I had 5 LD’s over the course of two nights (!) and bad weeks where I’ve had none at all.

I don’t use any techniques, just keep lucid dreams on your mind, keep a journal, and they should come soon enough.

Hi the_tru7h_kills, hmm I usually get around 5-6 a week during semester time, but in my hols I can get around 10-12 a week :content: I only really started out lucid dreaming since around march last year, so its pretty amazing to see how far I’ve come :smile:

[color=indigo]With me it depends if I am in the mood or not. If I wanna have an LD, I simply do my routine. However, I can only have one every other night. I tried to have one every night, but I think I am too worn down from the night before. So when I do go to sleep the next night I am able to have another.

So let’s see. . . If I really tried I might have one like 3 or 4 times a week. But I don’t really push it. I am basically having 1 or 2 a week right now.[/color]

I just have about 3 LD’s a month yet, but I used to have about 7 a month last year.

Haven’t had an LD in 8 months but used to have them once a month.

A total of 6 LD this week. 5 of them are low level LDs which in those LDs, I wake up in less than 1min after gaining LD. I had one LD last night which I was able to retain my LD for over a min.
My next LD goal: retain LD form for over 3 min and interact more with D.C.!