How Stay Awake for WILD?

Whatever I do I always fall asleep before HI occurs.

I’ve been trying an MP3 which plays a sharp note every minute for forty minutes, but I can’t seem to find the right volume. Either it’s too loud and jars the senses, or it’s too silent and I fall asleep too soon.

How do you try to stay aware? Maybe it’s time to try a different way. Some people seem to find that some ways simply don’t mesh with them, and other ways work much better.

MILD and autosuggestion didn’t work for me at all, and, well, is there really any other technique which isn’t some variant of MILD, WILD or autosuggestion?

Yeah but it’s really unreliable… Just do reality checks during the day, think of them… Become… obsessed with them (not really, but you catch my drift :tongue:)
In some dreams you’ll automatically do RC’s as well because you’ve been thinking about them so much when you’re awake. And surprise surprise, you’ll become lucid once you pull of those RC’s in a normal dream. But as I said, it’s unreliable because you never know when you will dream about RC’s in a normal dream.

I’d still keep trying for WILD though because then you don’t have to ‘become’ lucid by accident, you’re just lucid when you enter it.

Then for the question in the beginning of the post, you fall asleep before HI. That’s kind of odd, I mostly fall asleep during HI. I just stay relaxed and think of things, I try to visualize my thoughts and they’ll become clearer and clearer and turn into HI. The key here is not to get carried away by the HI, you need to be aware of your thoughts. Analyze the HI, try to change stuff in it. Keep thinking, don’t be passive or you’ll get carried away and fall asleep.
I’d say… Don’t play a waiting game for the HI to come. Try to be active.
WILD is quite hard though… But good luck :tongue:

HI is per definition before sleep. That’s why it’s called hypnagogic (“leading sleep”). Until half a year ago, though, the hypnagogic imagery would occur instantaneously as soon as I’d close my eyes, and before long it would become extremely realistic. Sometimes, it would become so incredibly lifelike that it was hardly less than reality. Now, my imagination has atrophied because of emotional reasons. I don’t know how to get it back again. It was really interesting and enjoyable to watch the imagery unfold in my mind’s eye.

Try thinking about people, events. Start with a common event from that day and then let it go whatever it wants to. This is very tricky, as you need to stay focused if you don’t want to fall asleep.
The real HI (the one that helps you dream) comes when you start feeling desynchronized with your body (feeling like sinking, rushing, spinning or simply starting to have that sensation of being ready to leave your body).

I have the same problem. i’m terrible at WILD. I’m not even 100% sure if i’ve ever even consciously experienced HI. I’m not completely sure what it’s like…

If you have a few spare hours, try watching Lucidology 101 on YouTube. This may help you achieve WILD easier as it gives you some great tips on OBEs (very similar technique to WILDs).