How tasty is tasty food in a Lucid Dream??

Food in dreams can taste just as delicious as food in your waking life :happy: I always treat myself to chamomile tea and grilled cheese sandwiches :content:

LOL i died laughing from ur comment XD couldn’t live withought meat either my friend! :tongue:

I generally find dreamfood more tasty than “real” food :smile: Once I woke up right after eating some kind of chocolate and I could still feel the taste in my mouth when I had awoken!

Hmmm… I’m not a skilled LDer whatsoever but it strikes my mind:
If you are a very skilled LDer wouldn’t you be able to make anything taste like anything else? Like a marshmallow tasting like sausage rolls? Or a lolipop with skeaktaste?

[spoiler]Anyway I can’t hear or read anything about vegan without thinking of Ross Noble. This is completely offtopic but I just have to share this: (this starts at say 3.00 min)[/spoiler]

I already have tasted chocolate cakes and fruit juices, and it tasted exactly like real ones! :smile:

I also experienced (for a common LDers experiment) the taste of a pull over (whool) and wallpaper: it tastes nothing.

I think another interesting question is: do you eat in LD what you are used to eat IRL?

If yes, it would be interesting too, to taste unknown dishes in LD. This was also an experiment on some french LD forums! :smile: We are quite fond of food around there, you know :grin:

We also used had an LDer cooker :tongue:

You taste what you believe you will taste. If you eat cheese in your dreams, you believe it will taste like cheese and therefore it does. Imagining that a lolipop tastes like a steak is inefficient since your brain believe it will taste like lolipop but you are telling it that it tastes like steak. Eating steak directly would be the easiest way to taste steak since your brain believes it tastes like steak. The taste probably varies if you imagine a lolipop tasting like a steak, but it’s certainly possible.

Hmm, till now, each time i eat something. Like a cake or something, it’s flavourless.
It’s like I eat emptiness if you know what i mean. And then, after that, i usually wake up.

I’ve ofter wondered about that. It’s a phrase a lot of people use… but how do you know what that tastes like?

Flavor of foods differs from person to person. As for me…taste isn’t AMAZING, it usually just tastes the same as food IRL, but in normal dreams I don’t taste anything. Also it depends if my LD’s are stable, when it isn’t stable food just taste like …nothing. I think it’s important to concentrate on the tastes of the foods you eat in your LD, to get all the interesting flavors and what not. :tongue: I remember when I just gobbled up some food without thinking, it didn’t taste that great.

Sorry, unless you have already tasted it you cannot taste it =(

Well, I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true. Your brain could always infer as to what it might taste like, and you will taste that. If you don’t expect taste though, it probably won’t.

I had dream pizza in a non lucid once. Still better than real life. Odd huh?

Last night I tasted a few spoons of apple sauce and it was pretty good. I compaired it to real life apple sauce and I think the major difference is that in my LD I really paid attention to everything that I tasted and it was easier to isolate tastes and structures, but the flavour was still apple sauce. Just a bit more intens.

Well, everything I’ve eaten in LD’s has tasted pretty much like nothing or somewhat similar to water.

What if you summon a steak-flavored lollipop?

Still, your brain is accostumed with it’s taste, lollipops taste like lollipops, you can change it, but your brain has known for so long how it tastes, it’s hard to get another one now.

YOU GUYS! Stop that! You are making me hungry! Although it’s a good way to go t McDonalds and not get fat, hm… Milkshake.

What if you have eaten something long ago? Will your brain remember the taste?

“Lollipop” isn’t a flavor. Lollipops taste like cherry, or grape, or butterscotch, or chocolate, so why don’t you make a steak-flavored lollipop?

I find food always tastes a lot better in dreams, and a lot more exotic. however sometimes it has no taste atall, it depends on the clarity of the dream for me. I normally look forward to trying new foods in my dreams, though!

In my dreams food taste like they should in real life, but with the advantage of not getting full or sick of eating.

Once I drank a whole gallon of milk and ate several large pizzas. It was nice. But It might get boring or if you are thristy or hungry, it may turn annoying.

Specially when thristy, because you can drink everything and you would still be thristy.

Oh, just remembered. Another use for tasty food in dreams is to try recreating the taste in WL! I had the best cookies in a dream once. It’d be awesome to show people in WL how great it was.