How to avoid and stop Lucid Nightmare?

When having a LD, things suddenly can go wrong, like dogs attacking, ‘monsters’ catching and so on… Is there any way to avoid that? And how to stop the nightmare, how to take over the control of it?

Well, if you have enough control over your dream, you can do everything about it. You are then controlling the dream and not vice-versa.

Either try to solve the matters physically, or in a more peaceful way; closing your eyes and imagining you’re in a beautiful place and then teleporting there or trying to be friendly to the monsters are good ways of accomplishing that.

I personally recommend humor, if you can manage it. Did you ever read the third book of the Harry Potter series, where the wizards are taught to defeat the boggart by imagining them to be ridiculous somehow?


Another approach that has worked well for me is the “Sacred No.” It’s where you say no to inner adversaries by courageously standing your ground while drawing on a well of positivity within you.

I once spontaneously became lucid by using the Sacred No. I was being chased through a dark woods by demonic horses when I suddenly wheeled on them and shouted “You cannot harm the True!” I was so shocked by the flow of courage that I knew I was dreaming and woke up as the horses galloped off.

Truly, the best stance is one of passionately firm non-resistance. Don’t rise to their hostility, but it’s perfectly OK to set a boundary.

its a lucid dream,throw a massive fireball at them. or turn them into nukes

My resolve for nightmares where I turn lucid was always closing my eyes firmly and when I opened them, I had woken up. That helped me get rid of most nightmares :smile:.

I have not personally experienced this (yet) but I’ve read a great deal on it and from what I have gathered, if you project loving-kindness (or if you’re not much of a loving-kindness kind of guy, pretend it turns into someone you care for) and hug the monsters.

When in a LD and a nightmare occurs in it i always create the thought in my head this is my world, my dream, my life, ect. and I either ask it whats wrong and why its tormenting me, and if it dosent respond the way i thought it would i tell it to go away.:razz:

Whenever Im in a nightmare. I make myself panic even more just so I can get excited and wake up or I just simple wish to wake up and that mostly works.