How to body swap?

Anyone know an easy way to swap bodies with people in lucid dreams, it sounds strange but it’s one of the things I most want to do.

Not sure? Try asking or maybe just running at a dream character and jumpin into them. Never traded bodies or anything so I wouldn’t know to well any how.

Well I got lucid last night and attempted this. I made something appear which would allow me to do this, but it took ages to set up. I left to go get something and when I got back the thing was gone. At this point I lost lucidity. So annoying and since I rarely get lucid I’m gonna have to wait ages to try this again. Any other ways to swap bodies easily?

Congrats on your recent achievement of lucidity!!

So what exactly did ya do? In more detail :smile:

I was in my house during the dream. At first I just tried to instantly make myself become someone else but nothing happened. Then I closed my eyes and imagined something appearing that would allow me to body swap. It appeared but it had lots of packaging to unwrap and there were lots of other ways to transform your appearance in their as well. I was unwrapping it when I hear a knock on the door.
Even though it was a dream and nothing would happen if I just ignored it I decided it would be interesting to see who it was. It turned out it was just my sister so I just left her and went back to the body swap device. When I arrived it and all the packaging was gone and I lost lucidity at this point.

I would just try running as hard as I can at a dream character and then diving into them. Just be sure that you know it will work, in other words expect it to work. Try it several times in your next lucid dream. Just because the first two times fails doesn’t mean the next time will :smile:

Hello Mr18111!
Body swapping… I actually read your topic a few days ago, but this night I achieved what you wanted to do so maybe I can help you now.

I wrote my dream in my dream journal if you do not mind reading a long dream:
It’s the long one called ‘Outer Space’.

Otherwise here is the short version: Maybe I got inspired a bit by your wish for body swapping, because last night I had a very vivid normal dream where I was myself for the half of the time. Then, just like a movie would switch to a different character I got placed into my dream character’s body and experienced what he did.

My dreams are usually a lot like movies because I watch them a lot, so that is probably why I can swap bodies in even normal dreams. I also read many books which makes me able to think as the main character quite well. I do not have to do much effort to place myself in someone else’s shoes this way.

So, this is probably a long term project which requires you to be able to place yourself in someone else’s body and think like them in waking hours. Though I must admit there might be an easier way to do this if you have a lucid dream instead of a normal dream. Anyway maybe this helps, or maybe it does not, but thank you for the inspiration! :smile:

Keep dreaming!

It was interesting reading about your dream. Next time I’m lucid I will definately try to swap bodies somehow.

Are you male or female? Depending on your age and sex I would be interested in doing a body swap

I change/swap bodies in LDs all the time - I use it as an RC. Go find a mirror. This makes it easy to change yourself.

I once jumped into a pregnant woman in a lucid dream who was sitting. Just for the effect. Nothing happened. :cry:

You can’t swap bodies with people in real life through dreams. The most you can do is swap with dream characters and experience their body for the time that you spend in that dream. When you wake up, you’ll always be in your original body, although sometimes you might still feel like the one you were just in a little bit.

As for “how”, any way that you can think of works. Maybe just learn normal transformation if the body you want to swap with isn’t appearing.

i would like to switch bodies with you if you can please message me back. :content: :tongue:

If I wanted to do it, I’d make my perspective ‘zoom’ into the dream character’s head.

‏‎elliot iam a 16 years old boy i want body swap ‎

Just noticed Elliot is on the forum. I would watch body swap films.

There are father/son swaps, mother/daughter, boy/girl. Get used to the idea of being able to swap bodies.

If you want a device to swap a simple helmet would work, just believe it has the power to switch both minds into the different bodies.

As someone mentioned above, a good way to do this is to try to “merge” with a DC. Try stepping into them and taking over their body. You could try to transform yourself, but unless that comes easy to you, I’d say merging is the best way to go.