How to Choose Your Technique

Same words here. Great guide (actually it aint that long), and excellent description. I’m highly motivated (at least if i’m not during VERY busy life period) slow sleeper. I gave up WBTB thanks to it and sticked with MILD (and even skipped it sometimes when it disturbed my sleep). So my usual technique is exactly how you described it :good:

Nice guide, Treader… I’ve actually been wonder which technique to use…

wah! That was useful… im a fall asleep quick, highly motivated person. Ive been trying WILD without WBTB, i can only get to HH and its hard to not fall asleep :frowning:

Come be a librarian! Looks good though. Maybe make a sort of quiz thing so that people can quickly find their category?

Edit: I just read it and it’s very interesting! :smile: I’ll make some sort of quiz thing for it. :smile:

Well, I am glad that you all seem to like my little guide. I’m suprised that nobody beat me to it, considering that a very common question to folks new to the topic is, “which technique should I use?”

r3m0t can take charge of the quiz-making department, since I have no idea how to do that. :smile:

It’s a bit late now, but I think I will add a little disclaimer anyway: my article was based on my assumptions and my experiences rather than on any actual research.

I realised. :tongue:

I’ve never seen (or written!) an answer to that question as detailed as yours. The table here in the wikibook is pretty good though if I say so myself. :content:

Hey it was great! :thumbs:
I am in “slow sleeper/high motivation” group, and I do just what is said here… Short WBTB at three or four without an alarm clock, MILD and a WILD attempt… And it works.
It would be interesting to find out, how many people fall under every category, and what practices they use. Maybe, it will be a sort of backward “research” :smile: .

Helpful guide!!!

That was a very useful guide. Thanks for writing it up!

Very nice guide. I usually get high motivation then burn out. this will help :grin:

Hey that was a great tutorial, too bad i only found it now… I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and had 1 LD so far, it was great. The technique best for me is doing the WBTB method and then falling asleep with the WILD method, if i dont go lucid which i dont, i remmeber my dreams every night now, so thats good all i have to do now is recognize the dreams, maybe ill do the MILD aswell as WILD after the WBTB, thanks!

i loved the guide, im a fall asleep fast/ low motivation:
you said, “to be able to build enough motivation.” when you say build up motivation, how do you build it up? like keep telling yourself you can lucid dream.

You might want to try MILD first then finish up with WILD. Try it, it might work for you.

ZionI was that to me? i tried last night but nothing came out, i just remembered another dream… WHy cant i just go lucid… its so frustrating but i am patient and will keep trying until i will get it…

Yes Shroom that was to you. Sorry I forgot to address it to you. As for trying it, I’m glad you did. Hey, “if at first you dont succeed, try again” :tongue: [and again and againand again]. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying and I’m confident that you will get it in due time. Did you perform RCs yesterday. Try to do at least five or six a day. It should help. I know it’s frustrating :grrr: but it will definitely pay off. Keep at it. :smile:

huggles Treader

thanks ZIon1 i do reality checks rarely now… but i know i should really do them more often so i will. because i relaly want to have more LD s, so I will keep trying and practicing until i finally get it! thanks again.


The best way to build up motivation is probably just to read about lucid dreaming and visit forums like this one.

Also, I am not a regular around here so if anybody wants to address me in particular your best bet is to send a private message. I check my email daily and these forums semi-monthly, you see. :smile: … Techniques
They have pretty much the same thing I wrote in the form of a graph. Much easier to read.

That CAT method they mention looks interesting, but a regular sleep schedule is impossible for me. I prefer WBTB+MILD/WILD/both.

I’ve had so much on my mind this semester that dreams, let alone lucid dreaming, can’t even be found at the bottom of my priority list. Even sleep is way down there. Maybe during the holiday break I’ll have a couple. Maybe I will even try for one tonight.

While I’m proud you say that (most of that bit being written by me) I have to admit your technique choosing thing has more information. :smile:

After 5 years of LD practice I must say I sweep between very low and very high motivation, and it can take a long time to build up the motivation. I’m building up again now. I don’t fall asleep fast but WBTB is still my favourite method - it requires me to go to bed early though, and that’s where motivation comes in. But it’s so effective for me I don’t really care if I need 30 minutes or even an hour falling asleep after WBTB.

Anyway, this is a great tutorial - it cannot take account for all the individual variations - no tutorial will do that - but at least it gives suggestions for people who have low motivation or slowly fall asleep.