How to find your dream guide?

Okay, i’d like to meet my dream guide, because apparently they can help you with control? For some odd reason i’ve been having trouble with control lately.

Lemme know if you figure out :tongue:, I’ve had ~ 40 LD’s and I still havn’t found mine. You could try calling for you DG or asking people. A lot of people have met their DG when It came up to them.

How bout telepathy? Like “Track” down your dreamguide with you mind? :om:

You can try to summon it, make it appear in some DC’s body. Or it may not even be a person…objects in dream can talk too, and telepathy is good way of communication in dreams and that said your DG can even be a crystal sphere. The one thing is same for all ways, you need to believe you can summon it or do any other thing required.

Okay, thanks. That’ll probably help me with my control problem. But i’d still like to meet my DG. And maybe my SC?

As i said, you need to find a way to make it appear, take form or similar Or you can just try to ask out loud to meet your DG.

Does every person who goes into a LD have a dream guide??

Seems a bit since anyone’s replied to this, but I hope this helps at least.

To my knowledge, everyone has a dream guide (or subconscious, whichever word you want to use for the manifestation) and a spirit guide which can be accessed through lucid dreaming, although they can be the same person/creature. It all depends on your state of mind and your specific attributes.
As for calling one to speak with them, there are a number of ways. Forcing your intent to see them at a temple, forcing intent so that they can appear when you call a specific number, going to an area you know they’ll be at (more forcing intent), or simply searching for them. Usually simply by looking, your subconscious supplies it, no matter what it is. This could take a while though, as it depends on how hard you look among a few other things.

Just think of different ways you may be able to see him/her/them/it.

My dream guide is “the wizard”. I suspect, at least in my case, that dreamguides are a little like sports scouts. Depending on how well you do in interactions, each dreamguide will find you. I did meet someone else once with a similar dg. If you seem to see someone watching you (the same person or character) several times, try talking to it. Be careful, the better you are the better dg you get so don’t push it! Also, do what the dg says. He’s going to test you to see if you can accomplish the assigned task so pay attention to that

[center]This can also have the opposite effect.
I’ve read of people seeing DC’s within their dreams, DC’s that didn’t seem normal.
Very UNnormal, as a matter of fact. To the point of almost being afraid of these people at times. And as it turns out, they were right to do so.
The creator of the semi-popular indi game named “LSD” experienced one of these “evil” characters when he kept a dream journal for use with the game (the game is all about the creators dreams and what went on within them). His name, was GreyHat.
He was an ominous man, wearing a grey suit, and a grey hat. The hat was always tipped below his eyes, and he would just watch him. Always, always watching. In the game, if you touch him, you lose ALL your dreams you’ve cataloged, and you can’t get to go back to those dreams unless you find them again (in the game, you find dreams by being transported to them by touching any object).

Just keep in mind that some time in your dreaming life, you will experience someone like this. Hopefully they wont kill you, but if they do, you need to kill them ASAP, or banish them, or whatever way you want to be rid of them, otherwise, they’ll probably keep coming back up. Even if you kill them, they might come back. Those who interpret dreams might say they could represent something in your waking life, someone harassing you, or something on your mind eating away at your subconscious.
Either way, just be careful with these things. They can’t do any real damage to you, but if the DC’s aura doesn’t feel right, teleport away somewhere. If you can’t manually teleport, travel somewhere through a doorway or mirror, then smash the mirror, or burn the door down, and make sure nothing but a wall remains. It’s more symbolic than functional, figuratively trap them somewhere in your mind to make sure they dont come back.

At any rate, what he says IS true, they do normally give you tasks if you keep in touch with them. Then again, any DC you commonly see that has some authority will probably give you a task if you see them a number of times, your mind searches for purpose, so what better way to give it just that than an epic quest of some sort? Although, DG’s have almost always helped people better their skills, it seems. Hopefully you’ll find yours soon, the earlier you find them, and the sooner you receive a contract, the sooner you can refine your dreaming skills.

Good luck, and godspeed :content:

I guess I should read more about personalities and thier dreams. I’ve never been asked to do anything negative by my dream guide. After a few “tests” about the only time I really see him is when I am to go into someone elses dream and rescue them. Usually from being lost in a house. I’ve only been in other peoples dreams a few times but usually at the direction of my dg.

I think calling for it might summon it, right?

I met my dream guide in a mirror. He’s the “Space coyote” from the season 8 episode of The Simpsons, El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer). Even got the johnny cash voice and everything. I usually find him in a dark alley, in a mirror, in the woods, or in, as his name implies, space. I’ve spent many dreams just talking to him. :smile: He’s strangely fascinating. The fact he’s an animal helps too.

If you want to see your dream guide, tell yourself that he’s behind you, and be sure of you while saying this. He should probably appear.

to see your guide dream close your eyes and imagines that when you will open them you will see him

Can someone please explain the whole “Dream Guide” thing? I’m not quite sure that I understand. :confused:

Maybe you can open a cabinet and expect a GPS with your dream guides location to be behind it, and use that to track him/her down. Even if it didn’t lead to you DG, it could be pretty fun to see where it DOES take you :smile: