how to increase lucidity..?

I have been LDing for over 2 months and I have a ton of DILDs like every other day and they happen for literally no reason, I don’t know how it works. And I think the frequency is because I wake up a during my sleep, especially because I tend to stay up past my normal sleeping time, but I do it normally anyway. so light wbtb is why Im able to have so many ld’s? the only time I had a DILD where I noticed the reason as of why is when I looked into a mirror and saw myself in a different way, and then performed a RC just to make sure, and boom, same lucidity as always

basically when I have the DILDs, it feels real while I’m having it, but when I wake up, its so blurry and I forget most of the details of the dream. last night I asked a dream character this question of how to increase lucidity, and they said I don’t know. and that is the first, maybe secound time, a DC has said something to me. I don’t usually talk to DC’s because I’m not in concious control what I’m doing otherwise I think that would be one of the first things I would do in my first real LD, talking to sub concious and general dream characters. and if I get lucid, I want to use the first normal dreamcharacter I ever met because he seemed friendly for CALD. but first I need to increase lucidity somehow

I have attempted RC in the past and it seems like they dont help. I usually became lucid before and perform them after but nothing. I once checked my hands just for the fun of it and saw tiny fingers on the sides of my fingers.

but say I was able to perform a RCILD, would that cause me to have high lucidity because of the realization from performing the check? or do I need to perform WBTB, but with time up, because I do this normally from naps but there is not really time for my brain to wake up. So far all I do is perform RC’s and keep DJ but I have never experienced an exact point of realization in a dream where you instantly become lucid, or the uncontrollable burst of excitement from realizing you’re dreaming that most beginners experience.

is it not possible to experience high lucidity just from doing RC’s, dream journaling to increase recall, and having DILDs? because of this lucidity I’ve been attempting WILD but it has not been successful yet. I try to lay down and I start feeling my body, not becoming paralyzed, but it feels kind of like numb or maybe just really relaxed, and the swirls behind my eyes start getting really intense like covering my entire eyelids and color and it feels like I can’t help but open my eyes. That’s as far as I’ve gotten

It is certainly possible to experience full lucidity from a DILD. For me, it feels like the moment when I remember something important, just like when I go to the shop and remember that I should also buy milk.

Do you usually experience random thoughts and images in your head while falling asleep? That can help a lot with WILD. I can’t WILD unless I’m sleepy enough to get those images.

Staying lucid after the first moment can be mentally hard. It often feels like trying to stay awake when I am very sleepy. It takes focus. I usually try to focus on a sensory impression from the dream, for example feeling my feet on the ground or hearing my own voice.

It could maybe help to experience lucidity from different techniques, to get used to the feeling. I wonder if you are actually experiencing FLDs: dreaming about lucid dreaming. Once you get to the “Oh! This is a DREAM!” moment, it becomes so much easier to recognise and incubate :cool:

Good luck!

It’s possible I am experiencing FLDs because I am always doing stuff I would think of doing in a LD. And I have never had a point where I said I’m dreaming or realized that I’m dreaming exactly. But it still feels a lot different than regular dreaming because I
m slightly more aware.

So what do I do if I’m having FLD? I’ve been using DJ for about two months, performing RCs whenever I remember but I have not had one RCILD yet.