How to Lucid Dream! [With no practice!]

You could think of yourself pinching your nose xD

why do you say:
“Now run around little piggy run around”

This is awesome. I will try it with moon and sun rising.

Nice avi, duck.

that sounds like WILD…
i don’t have the patience to do that
whistles and looks guiltily around the room

I too had to deal with this, the best tip I can give to you is that the 6 hours of sleep written in every guide should work for regular people, people like us (insomniac) should cut this to 3-4 hours and then immidiatly do the methods.

Of course, my lightswitch doesn’t work anyway…

I doubt I’ll be able to keep doing that untill REM :bored:
But I’ll give it a shot, I guess

Probably because it’s funny! LOL :content:

This sounds like a very easy method! Easier than mine probably! I’ll give it a go. :wiske:

I’ll try this … probably won’t work for me though.

I don’t get it…lol…are you supposed to imagine a light switch or are you supposed to be looking at a real one?

I could really offend you and make you look stupid but for some reason I chose not to.
You are supposed to imagine a “dream lightswitch”.

I’ll look at a real lightswitch all day long! :woo:


this is definityly geared tword WILD i assume

well i try WILD a lot so yeah i’ll give this one a shot, it seems like it just might work!

great im gonna give this a try 4 sure!!! :happy:

I will try this tonight and post my results here tomorow.

this sounds a lot like WILD to me…

It didn’t work out for me :’(

oh well! LOL :wiske:

Unfortunatly this did not work for me. However I did go into what I can only describe as an advanced stage of SP. By advanced I mean I could not feel my bed. It was a very strange feeling :eek: . I will try it again tonight.

Didn’t work for me last night guess I’ll try again tonight.

i dont really get it. should the light switch be on or off? should u think its of in ure mind but its actualy on? pliz explain lol :content:.