How to Lucid Dream! [With no practice!]

that sounds like WILD…
i don’t have the patience to do that
whistles and looks guiltily around the room

I too had to deal with this, the best tip I can give to you is that the 6 hours of sleep written in every guide should work for regular people, people like us (insomniac) should cut this to 3-4 hours and then immidiatly do the methods.

Of course, my lightswitch doesn’t work anyway…

I doubt I’ll be able to keep doing that untill REM :bored:
But I’ll give it a shot, I guess

Probably because it’s funny! LOL :content:

This sounds like a very easy method! Easier than mine probably! I’ll give it a go. :wiske:

I’ll try this … probably won’t work for me though.

I don’t get it…lol…are you supposed to imagine a light switch or are you supposed to be looking at a real one?

I could really offend you and make you look stupid but for some reason I chose not to.
You are supposed to imagine a “dream lightswitch”.

I’ll look at a real lightswitch all day long! :woo:


this is definityly geared tword WILD i assume

well i try WILD a lot so yeah i’ll give this one a shot, it seems like it just might work!

great im gonna give this a try 4 sure!!! :happy:

I will try this tonight and post my results here tomorow.

this sounds a lot like WILD to me…

It didn’t work out for me :’(

oh well! LOL :wiske:

Unfortunatly this did not work for me. However I did go into what I can only describe as an advanced stage of SP. By advanced I mean I could not feel my bed. It was a very strange feeling :eek: . I will try it again tonight.

Didn’t work for me last night guess I’ll try again tonight.

i dont really get it. should the light switch be on or off? should u think its of in ure mind but its actualy on? pliz explain lol :content:.

if its only an imaginary lightswitch to begin with, how the hell is it gonna turn on even if you’re awake?
surely you would think to yourself ‘right this will turn on, and everything will be light’ - but that would work even in a dream due ti placebo. scepticism…

didnt work for me last night but i did get into SP!

The numbness you get from WILDing is not SP. SP is when your body locks itself in REM sleep so you wont move IRL when you move in your dream.