How To Make A Dream By Visualization

Visualization is not easy for some,and some do know how to visualize.But,when you want to visualize your own dream,it can be hard since you don’t know what to visualize about.So here it is:

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Optional:Before going to bed,try and have a warm shower,it makes you relaxed.Try to also eat Lucid Foods.

1)Go To Bed.
Go to bed,be relaxed,flex your muscles.This will make visualizing more easier for you.A good idea of this would be clenching your feet and then releasing.After you have got all the tension out of your body,you should be feeling relaxed.Just do anything to make you relaxed.Also try not to go on a screen 1 hour before sleeping,it would help visualize better.

What we are going to do is now,close your eyes.You should be in a comfortable position.If you need to itch,itch.Swallow,then swallow.Move?then move.There should be no distractions.Now wait.An object,or thing will pop on your head.When you have that object/idea,grab it.Grab hold of the idea.For me,I had a sink.We have now identified the object.

Now we are going to make something else,or wait for another idea.For me,when I saw a sink,I made up a toothbrush.Now me with it.So now,I made myself brushing my teeth in a visualization.Now I see a towel,I grab hold of it.Then I make/or wait for an object.I make up cleaning my face.Then we carry on.Carry on making stuff after you see the first thing in your mind.If you have to itch,itch,then carry on visualizing.

4)Got It!
I have now got a whole scene in my head,from brushing my teeth,to going to school.And that is it!

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Edit:If you come this far,well done.Now ,i’ve got a excersize for you.
In the morning,when you wake up,try to daydream,try to visualize like what I have shown.Then do it in meditation and do it when you sleep.If you carry on,you will master visualization,but it ain’t happeni’n overnight!

‘Have A Standing Ovation On Visualization,once you have mastered it.’

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