How to remember to RC?

I’m a pretty busy guy…work full time, go to university full time, but I’m also interested in lucid dreams…

Last year I had an 8am class followed by nothing else until 1215…so after my 8am class I would go back to sleep every day and 80% or so of the time have a lucid dream! I haven’t had one since, since my schedule now is quite different…

I know to have them I’ll have to keep a dream journal and do reality checks…but I never remember to do either of these…any tips?

Hey hairston4
I have the pretty much same problem with reality checks. What I try to do is choose an object or person or something (mines a ruler) and every time I see or use that object I do a reality check.
The other thing I do is write ‘do an rc’ on my books and things that I will see daily to help me remember…

You should try to recognize repetitive patterns in your dreams… like someone you are likely to meet dreaming or some place you often see dreaming and then get used to perform rcs when you find yourself in that situation… I used too to write “RC” on my hands and my cigarettes and all the places i often look in WL, but then I noticed I didn’t smoke in dreams and there was no writing on my hands and all so I’m looking for something to bind reality cheking to that could have influences on what I dream…

About “remembering” to do a RC, I realise that it is not that easy…

Lately, my boss was in some of my dreams, so, I figured I should do a RC every time I would see him In Real Life. Unfortunately, I just never think to do it in real life. So, chances are I won’t either in Dream Life.

After that, I thought to do a RC every time I would talk or walk into someone IRL, (or at least, most of the time). Because, I realised that I do many RC in real life, but always when I am alone. And, in dream, I am not alone that often, there are usually people interacting with me.

So, if I were able to do a RC or, at least, ask myself (Could that be a dream), while someone is talking to me, it could increase chances to have LD.

Beside visualizing yourself doing a RC next time you see something or someone, does anyone have a trick or advice on how to really set your mind to do a RC at a very specific moment?

I tried at one point, keeping the fact I could be dreaming in my mind for a long period of time. It was one of a number of techniques I tried to encourage a Reality Check Induced Lucid Dream. I can’t be sure if it works as I tried a number of techniques at once :razz: I managed to keep it in my mind, in some form at least, for at least 3-4 hours whilst living my daily life.

Reality checks didn’t work for me, in that when I used them in a dream, the results suggested it was real. I was climbing out of a third storey window in my student house, when I thought I’d better check I wasn’t actually about to jump to my death (You see I entered the dream where my body fell asleep). I did two reality checks, both of which suggested I wasn’t dreaming, so I went to the floor below and climbed out onto a roof, and flew from there.

I think that using WILD there’s no need for RCs. I knew I was dreaming because I’d just forced myself into the dream and gone through sleep paralysis on the way. My conciusnous had not blinked between being awake and being in a dream.

I’ve been doing RCs for a couple of weeks now, and I have become lucid a few times (although I wake up right away still). If you really allow them to become habit as opposed to a conscious decision, they will be habit in your dreams as well. You really have to change your way of thinking, which is exciting in itself.

hey. don’t worry if you can’t get in the mood right away. just keep at it and you’ll get better.

nowadays for me it’s hard for me to go throughout a day WITHOUT doing a reality check. i just can’t stop doing them

just do reality checks everytime you wake up its just a habit

Theres this topic that I found that no one has posted since 2004. Its called “The letter RC” or something like that. Basically what you do is take an envelope and a piece of paper. Write down Do a RC on the paper and put it inside the envelope. What you do is open the letter and read whats in it before you go to bed and when you wake up. I’m just starting this so I have no experience yet.