How to simulate/maintain/recall hypnagogia for creativity?

Hello everybody! Completely new here and I’d just like to drop in and ask your lovely community for your advice on something related to lucid dreaming.

I am an aspiring, albeit completely inexperienced artist who already consistently has wacky dreams with an occasional vague sense of lucidity, albeit without real control. Before school sapped my self-esteem and lack of inhibitions, I daydreamed and doodled all the time. I’m slowly rediscovering these flights of fancy, and I’m also noticing that in moments of either hypnagogia or lucid dreams (too inexperienced to know which) I can sort of just ask for an idea and receive it. Something that’s never happened before is that I can hear and conduct really loud, pleasing music that I completely forget when I’m awake.

I’d like to harness these moments for creative output purposes. I’d either like to find a way to simulate the experience while fully awake (as I suspect I’m still too critical and analytical at the moment), or learn to induce, maintain and recall the experiences so that I can note them down and make something of them in the real world.

Own Ideas:
So what I’m guessing I should try is the following:
Get into meditation to practise mindfulness and such
Keep a dream journal to practise recall
Pretend to be in hypnagogia by snatching and visualising any stray idea that comes into my head.
Bite the bullet and get into lucid dreaming as a whole

Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can provide in advance, looking forward to learning and participating :smile:

By hypnogogia do you mean that weird state where you are mostly conscious and not asleep but your thoughts work in a weird way and seem a little distant? hypnogogia as most of us use the term means a weird feeling like falling or vibrating that doesn’t come from our physical bodies.
Please clarify

Q17 hypnogogia is the state between waking and sleeping. It includes thoughts and hallucinations (both visual and auditory). The sensations you mention are just a part of it.

Friedrich_Jager, your ideas sound like they will work.

It seems do able but I am not sure what parts of it could be used for creative purposes, I would like to hear your ideas, I see my thoughts very visually when in this state and It is like half way between dream and thought, I wonder if I could get answers to my questions while in this state making my subconscious mind solve for answers. Please elaborate on your ideas. Yes, definately could work but I personally wouldn’t know how to use it.