Hynagogia, Willpower and Mugwort

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So ive only had 3 LD’s in my whole career of lucid dreaming. My last was around a month ago, which im not surprised about, seeing as my long, continuous dream (reality) has meant that i spend very little time in the dream world. Now i’ve got a week or so off so im hoping to get in another LD before “reality” takes away my dream worlds again.

First of all, i’ve been trying MILD to no success, to the point where i just have no real faith in it. Until a couple nights ago. I was too sick of unsucessful WILD attempts to keep trying, so I thought I would just tell my subconcious to wake up an hour before my alarm. IT WORKED! I successfully woke up after 4.5 hours of sleep, and felt surprisingly fresh!

Anyway I started this post because i need some help keeping my enthusiasm up. Can someone give me some tips on how to stay in the hypnagogic state for longer? I love it, but I fall asleep way too often.

Also, has anyone tried using mugwort to enhance dreaming? If so, do u smoke it, make it into a tea, put it under your pillow…?

Maybe it’s a good idea to use a mp3? Not too loud, just enough to hear it well. I’ve used a mp3 couple times, after some hours sleep, to try WILD, but I only had sleep paralysis and hypnagogia.

About the mugwort, you can make tea of it. 1 or 2 cups will be good(1 little spoon/cup)… not too much cuz that can be toxic.(I don’t know what’s the limit, but I can search it in my books if you want so)If you believe in magic, you can use it in dream pillows and as inscence to burn also.

I used to drink mugwort but once I took too much and I felt sick. :tongue: I prefer melisse tea instead. :content: Ohw and I have a dream pillow too, but that’s with different herbs; so I can’t tell you if it works because of the mugwort.

I am intrested in these dream pillows, do you think it is actually the pillow or just a placebo affect that the pillow has on you? Have you ever experimented with using vs. not using it?

Well I have less dream recall without the pillow… at least it seems so, I dunno if it’s because of a placebo or something. People who are ‘into magic’’ would believe it, while others will say ‘‘placebo’’.
I don’t use it all the time, cuz at some moment they say you can get used to it. So I take a break a couple days, maybe some weeks and use it again.

I prefer using it, placebo or not. It’s just a ritual… like some people drink their tea or milk before bed time (ok that’s something I do too lol), or pray before bedtime, etc, I use a dream pillow most of the time. :smile:

okie dokie :content: sounds intresting, i might have to go buy one.

What buy one?
I make them my own! :grin:
You just need a piece of textile and some herbs… :content:

But what herbs/how much of them, would be the best to help with lucid dreaming??

Lavender, rosemary, jasmin,…
This topic is about mugwort… well, traditional use of mugwort is also for lucid dreams. :smile: (smoking, tea, dream pillows)
You can also put some crystals in the pillow, there is a special topic about those. :smile: (just to keep this one on-topic lol :grin: )