Hypnosis.mp3 to induce Lucid dreaming. My experience.

I decided to move your topic into the Lucidity Tools subforum cause it seems you emphatise more the tape effects than questions about lucidity.

Okey so last night i tryed out some hypnosis tape do induce LD.
I have quite alot of experience with hypnosis, i do it myself on others, really a cool skill.
I bought this tape on the Warpmymind website direct link to vendor removed - It costs like 6.5$ to download stuff there for one month. I listened to the tape 2 times last night, actually, last night was the first time i tryed LD.
Well here is my experience.
I lie down on the bed around 0:00, im not really that tired, but what i would call normal. I try to stay conscious for a while but just end off drifting into sleep, the next second im in a car but im not in the right seat, im in the opposite of the driver seat, i just stay there driving, suddently i cinda understand that this isnt right, i didnt understand that i was dreaming but on the egde all the time, so i jump over in the other seat and drive the car, im 18 years old so i dont have the driver license yet, and for some reason i couldnt drive… wich is wierd cause i can IRL. The dream(s) isnt important. But i remember i had tree dreams, clear and vivvid. At the last dream i remember i was afraid, and then it got to me, i remember all evening connecting fear to dreaming, so it got to me that it was a dream, and then i didnt know what the heck to do, so i just woke up. The time is now actually 2:45. I could clearly remember 3 dreams i had, but i KNOW i had much more, how the heck is it possable to dream so many times on such a short time? Well that isnt all, i woke up trying to remember all the dreams as clear as i could, and then i try going back to the dream using both WILD and MILD metods, then the sleep got to me again and i was off in another dream, i dreamt a little wierd, but not the dreams with the OBVIOUS dream signs, then some time later i dreamt something else, that means, i had to clear and vivvid dreams more. I could also remember that i was “logic” in the dream, i did every logic thing to do in different scenes. I woke up 9:00 exactly. And wrote down my dreams, i have never had them so clear before, never ever, i wrote about 2-3 pages with my dreams. This has really been a helping tool for me, i have never remembered so many dreams before, as i could today, wich was 5 dreams totally clear, and i know i had some more, before i used to remember one and very few times 2.

Another thing is that with hypnosis it goes right for your subconscious witch is really an helping thing:)

Hope this have been for help for someone:)

[color=darkblue]This reminds me of when I first started properly practicing LD over a year ago.

I would have loads of fractured dreams in a single night. So many in fact, that sometimes it was hard to write them all down. That’s all they were though- segments of a dream I couldn’t really remember and most of which was non-sensical.

I no longer have the time to really keep on top of LD or keep a DJ but when I do remember dreams they now seem much more complete and vivid and at least 1/25 dreams I have is now a high control lucid.

This is probably because lucid dreaming is always on my mind now since I discovered it. I still can’t get over how weird the whole experience can be.

I’ve probably had around 10 LD’s since then, which isn’t bad going to say I don’t practice many techniques. I find concentrating myself into a trance like state at night works often for me anyway, without any other techs (probably similar to your hypnosis).

If it works for you too keep working at it. :smile: [/color]

Dreaming has to do with the subconscious and hence, hypnosis helps. However, I find that being obsessed with LDing is gd enough :content: . Once u get it into a habit, it is in ur subconscious. Hypnosis no doubt is easier. But I still prefer the normal way.

About ur “unusually large” number of dreams recalled in one night. It is not unusal. Especially if your new and very enthusiastic about LD. I remember around the second week after I started LDing, I recalled 8 dreams in one night, woke up a total of 3 times before the final waking up, and wrote probably close to 1000 words on the dreams describing each one like it was a story.

Whats more, I suppose now u realise that we have at least this many dreams every night and yet fail to remember half of them. Really makes u think doesnt it?