I’m not sure if this subject has come up before but…

Is this a possibility?

Like, actually going to a real Hypnotist and getting her/him to hypnotize you into having lucid dreams every night. Maybe by a trigger word or something?
Since Hypnotism is a method of interacting with the subconscious, I could possibly imagine positive effects from this. :content:

What does everyone else think about this?
Or am I just crazy?

i think it would work but not every night all in one session. i think it would work if they did it to you and it worked once. but then it would be wayy to expensive unless you had a hypnotist friend. but you would have rto see them day after day

Hmmm good point, sounds realistic. I think that if it did have a high success rate and long lasting effects, I wouldn’t mind at all scraping up the dough to do it. Although right now, my only option is work at it naturally.

yea i think i would too.
besides i think that once we get better at it it will be almost every night

In my opinion it would definitely work if you were a suitable subject to hypnotize :yes:
Since you want to become lucid, you would be working with your subconscious after the session.

I think it would work, but I don’t know if I would like to be just to get a lucid dream.

I sent an email to a couple Hypnotists in my area to see if they knew anything on the subject. One actually knew what I was talking about and was very fascinated with the subject of LDing. But she wants $300!!! But I have a friend that actually used to be able to hypnotize people, maybe he still can. I’m gonna ask later today.

Well, its a possibility to use a trigger word… I think.

Like before you go to bed, say the word, “Puppy” and BOOM! Lucid, maybe even 100%. But I think that might be to good to be true. :cool:

Hey BassMasterMike!

How did you do with your friend? Did he agree to hypnotize you to have LDs? I imagine you would have to trust him a great deal. I mean he my want to have a little fun first and turn you into a chicken.

Haha! Well I just talked to him and he said he’s gonna do it on Tuesday!


And yeah, I trust him a great deal. :tongue:
He used to be my Math tutor but was a Psychology major.

I felt a little strange asking him, but he said it was no problem. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. :content:

Hi BassMastaMike!
Great to see that your friend said “yes”. Please keep us updated and let us know if it works!

How did the hypnosis work out? Any changes in your dreams at all?

Hey BassMastaMike,

so, did it work?? :bored:
I’m curious! :tongue:

guided relaxation+ visualization

dream therapy

however you can do it to yourself if you realize that you can, and do it.

you visualize a door, what’s stopping you from stepping out of body and opening it?

if you figure it out, let me know!