I can't sleep (insert vast amounts of exclamation points)

I look at my phone, I submit something to somewhere, then I put it down. I close my eyes AND I Still See THE SCREEN! Then I open my eyes, phone In front of me… May as well search a little… Close phone, try to sleep… Nope, too awake, but not enough for State of Decay… Check time, blah blah AM… Lie in bed with no focus, no ambition… just staying down until I start to see the sun come up.

I can’t break the cycle! It’s been 3 days in a row! I haven’t had an actual Lucid Dream in months, not even since starting this year!

Maybe you shouldn’t be using your phone so often at night.


Oh my god, GENIUS!

If I never had my phone charging where I am in the first place, it would never be a problem at all!..

You should try to relax, and start thinking about a random story in order to fall asleep.

This is what I usually do. If I don’t think about stuff after I get in bed, I usually end up laying there for up to 10 hours. It gets really annoying sometimes. :bored:

Your problem is nowhere near insomnia or something like that, you’re just anxious. Put your phone away and just relax. Lie in bed and don’t move as if you were to perform a WILD, and you will fall asleep eventually. If your problem is that your mind is too awake just think about something interesting while lying in bed.
Other tips that you can perform during the day that will make you sleep faster at night are: exercise yourself for at least 20 minutes, do something intellectually plaintiff -like solving math equations- before going to sleep, or drink some milk before bed (it does work, scientific fact). I hope that helps, good luck.

Thank you everyone for all of the tips, I shall put them to use tonight.

Problem solved! I’m sleeping again! Thanks everyone!