i cant stay awake when im lucid

every time i get lucid im i find my self lying down when i go to stand up i wake up anyone have any ideas if you dont know what im talking about i can give examples

thanks :confused:

sounds like something that would happen if you have doubts about
you being in your dream body, so when you get up you might
be thinking your real body might get up too
so you end up waking up, these problems are usually
just a belief thing(not believing in it hard enough).

I’ve noticed almost all LD problems are usually fixed
by believing in it hard enough

Probably just a false awakening. It’s very common, especially if you are doing WILD. Do a reality check when you wake up and I’ll bet that you’ll find that you are still asleep.

If you are actually awake, quickly get back into sleeping position and see if it’s not to late to do a DEILD.