I can't write it down forever (Time constraints)

So it’s summer, and when I wake up I have all day to write things I dream down. Cool. But school starts in September, and when it does, I won’t have time to write things down in my Dream Journal (which I will annotate and publish here soon). Each morning once school starts, I have to get up at 5:55 AM (tried 6, I needed the extra 5 minutes to get ready), prep hygenically, eat, etc. and be out of the house at 6:45 to get to my bus stop. I often make it there just as the bus arrives. My morning is pretty packed, and I get up early enough as it is. I want to sleep every moment I can, I need the rest, which is also why I do not plan on intentionally WBTB-ing. When I get to school, however, I have plenty of time. Assuming the same bus schedule and route as last year, I get there around 7:00 AM, and let’s say five minutes to drop my backpack in my locker and head to homeroom. Class doesn’t start until 7:28. My school gives laptops to its students for the school year, so actually writing things down is not an issue. What I fear is forgetting important things in the hour between waking up and arriving at school. Any tips?

I would think putting some sticky notes/flash cards beside your bed, when you wake up, write down a few notes about the dream(s) and put it in your pocket and at school, when you see that note, it should give you total recall of the dream(s).

I usually type a few notes in my phone, just key words.

Maybe, I’ll give that some consideration. No reason I can’t use my whole journal for that, I can put it in my backpack.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a smart phone, so no QWERTY means that this isn’t going to happen. :happy:

neither do I, I just write about 4 words which trigger my memory of that dream, most mobiles have notes and reminders functions.

Well, if that’s enough, I could just jot them down in my book…

You don’t need to switch the light on or find a pen but it’s whatever works. I always find I just need triggers to remind me and the rest seems to flow along with it.

The thing with mobile is good, I used it for while too :smile:

Also, thinking of the dream in the morning and on the way to school should help too and once you look at the notes most of the dream should get back to you…

why not record youself for a few minutes on your phone? :cool:

i have that same problem

Personally I’ve found that even when I don’t remember my dreams right when I wake up, I’ll see or hear things later on in the day that will trigger the memory of the dreams I had the night before. Once, for example, my friends and I were talking at lunch about this guy that got kicked out of our school and I said, “Hold on a second” and at that moment I had an epiphany, that last night I had dreamed about the guy who got kicked out coming back to our school. I have a lot of those types of epiphanies but that could just be me. See if this works for you.

Also, I have good dream recall anyway, so that could be a factor in why I have those epiphanies later.

Mine is pretty decent. It’s good enough for me to remember minor details, and to remember the dream as a whole long enough to write it down.

I have the exact same problem with work. What I did to replace the DJ somehow (which proved to be very effective) was that I tried to go for DEILD and/or WILD which can be done when going to sleep (though it’s not recommended it can work).

Pretty hard though - only had 2 DEILD chainings and a quadruplet DEILD-chaining fail so far - been practicing it since January :meh:

It’s worth it though - one moment there where you succeed and achieve that particular WILD feeling - worth it :wink: