I don't dream a lot

Hey all,

My first post here im new, I searched for this topic but it didn’t come up. Im the kind of person that doesn’t have dreams or doesn’t dream a lot in general. The few dreams I have had are a bit messed up.

Since childhood I have had a recurring dream (maybe once a year) about a man who tasers me and drags me into a white van and drives off. (weird huh?) I never see the taser it just feels like I have been hit by one.

Another time I had a dream that I was in a car crash and fire was all around me and zombies started coming towards me, at this point I realized i was dreaming but woke myself up because for some reason that was my idea at the time.

My biggest question is, how do I start having more dreams? I usually just sleep and wake up in the morning with no dreams.


You actually do dream very often. You just need to learn to remember them.

Whenever you have a dream make sure to write it down in a dream journal and before you go to sleep focus on the intention to remember your dreams.

After keeping a dream journal for a while you’ll notice that you start to remember 1 dream every night. Then eventually you’ll probably remember 1-4 on average.

Many people I have spoke with about dreams tell me:
I rarely dream. or things like that.
Fact is you are dreaming every night unless something very very extraordinary is happening or if you’re sleeping for a very small amount of time.
As Stevenscar said, the thing is to remember the dreams.
All of his advice are good in my opinion and another tip I have for you is this:
Once you wake up, try moving as little as possible. Lie on your back and look up. Don’t concentrate on anything specific. Let your mind wander. Memories of your dreams should come to you. This works better when you wake up without an alarm clock.
In general, waking up from an alarm clock shocks the body and mind and usually makes the memories of the dreams far less accessible so I would suggest waking up naturally.
Hope this helps.

Also you can try to tell yourself to remember. When you’re lying in bed try saying to yourself (in your own wording) “I remember my dreams when I wake up” a couple of times. For me this works best when right before slipping into sleep. You know when you can just feel your body let go of the world and your mind start to feel deep and warm (<- That’s how it feels for me at least :content: )

You can even try to elaborate on this. To make it (corny and) be understood by your subconsious self you can tell yourself like you are 4 years old. Ex. “I will go to sleep. When I go to sleep, I will dream. I dream, when I am asleep. I will remember my dream, when I wake up. When I wake up, I will remember my dream!”. I know it sounds a little coocoo but it worked for me. It was a trick I got from a robotic DC once. I went to bed very late and had to be up at 10 no matter what. I was really stressed about this and feared I might not get up. The robot DC (resembled the one from “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” a lot really, and it) looked at me. “You need to wake up at ten” it said and pointed to a clock similar to the one I have in my bedroom. Only difference where that it was messy inside really (numbers and markers where tossed all over). It continued to explain “When the time is ten, the hand is here… When the hand is here, the clock will ring! When the clock rings, the time is ten… When the time is ten, you will wake up!” and so forth it continued for a short while. It was annoying in the dream but sure enough I woke up instantly when the alarm clock sounded almost as I had been anticipating it. It rang, I quickly sat up and turned it off and went to take a shower. Wonderfull :content:

Sheez I’m just talking and talking. See you. Good luck :smile:

Thanks for the help guys will try it out. One more thing though, I tried MILD and was focusing on one thing and felt the rest of my body kinda go numb like it was falling into a sleep however i changed the thought in my head accidentally and my body went back to being normal as if i was trying to sleep again. (does this sound right for MILD?)

Maybe you were at the beggining of hypnagogia by accident. It can happen, especially if you do MILD.

Also, for remebering your dreams, you could do what SocDK said: repeat a mantra while you fall asleep. I found this very successful: I didn’t use to remember my dreams (just 1 every 3-4 months) and the first week I used a mantra I remembered 6.