I-Doser and lucid dreaming


How would this work with lucid dreaming? I bought some files to try out but I’m confused on how to include these with lucid dream attempts. Would I listen them while going for a WILD or an OBE?

I-doser has a dedicated lucid dream file, it would be my first priority if i wanted i-doser to help with lucid dreaming. It works in the same way as other brainwave generator programs. Traditionally, lucid dream settings have used first a relaxing frequency to induce sleep, then a mildly stimulating setting to make you lucid. There is a previous topic about this here: https://community.ld4all.com/t/has-anyone-heard-of-i-doser/25955 :cool:

Thanks for the nice link :wink: . On the idoser site it said to listen to the whole track BEFORE going to bed. Do you think that it would work effectively while listening to it during sleep also?

You can also listen to it while going to sleep, but it’s almost completely useless once you fall asleep, so you will not hear the entire thing. And it keeps some people awake.

I intend to try it whilst WILDing, hoping it will help me.

My friend just introduced this new sound program that claims to give you lucid dreams among other things. Has anyone heard about it? Would you suggest me to use it? :confused:

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I havent heard of it. But i guess you can try it…it will give you lucid dreams right? Then its worth a shot.

I actually found this website through the I Doser forums, and you can find out a lot more about I Doser at www.i-doser.com

I’ve only tried a few ‘doses’ and most of them had little or no effect on me. but it varies from person to person.

Anyway, why not use SBaGen as the “doses” are free?

Of course, you have to make the dose or download it yourself.

I-doser works great, simply amazing, it some doses work better form some than others, but i things its more of if you think it wont work, it wont, i own evey single dose, finally now even hand of god and gates of hades :happy:, i thing splashing out $400 for two doses is stupid tho especially when for i-doser and all doses it costs around $2000, but there are ways :wink:

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hope this helps

did any of you use idoser for lucid dreaming? it has a dose for lucid dreaming which is meant to be taken just before sleep. i tried it twice and succeded once

i am finding these tracks very fascinating , although disruptive to my energy flow

I’ve tried this program a few years back, found it useless and deleted it.

i listened to a track last night

it was subtle yet very real, and i feel mellow from it upon waking, it was very smooth!

i also had lovely dreams,

i listened to some different files before sleep, one was delta,

it made my sleep a lot more deep and i woke up today with great enthusiasm!