I got hurt phycically in my dream

Well, in an FA once, I was holding on to the back of my neck 'cause it hurt. Then when I woke up my neck actually did hurt for a few minutes…

lol I’ve ended up kicking things when i wake up it sucks but it usualy happens when im trying to go to sleep and i end up being asleep mentaly but my body hasn’t shut off yet.


I used to have dreams where someone would hit my back, or a giant bee would sting my back and I’d wake up realizing i had back muscle spasms. The worst kind of painful dreams I had, was when I’d dream someone would grab my…err…“belongings” and i’d feel tremendous pain…i’m not actually sure if i was feeling that pain irl because i never woke up from such dreams…

I think Latyon is sort of correct…your body feels the pain in reality, and adds it to part of the dream, similar to how you might hear your alarm clock ring in your dream and wonder what that was until you’d wake up :razz:

But I had the same dream 3 times in a row, isn’t that… weird?

I dont think you can experience pain in a dream, unless its caused by something happening in real life and you are feeling it inside the dream. I have gotten hurt in dreams, but you just feel it, without the pain. The feeling is very realistic, but no pain.

I think it’s very possible to feel pain from a dream. I’ve sorta felt pain before after waking up, but nothing major.
The reason I say it’s possible is that pain is caused by your mind. When you hit something, get cut, etc., your brain sends (I don’t know what they’re called, Neural Impulses or something…) to where you got “hurt”. This is what pain is, it’s a warning caused by your brain. (At least I think, I remember being told this when I was younger. It makes sense, as there are some people who can block out pain. I’ve tried it, even suggesting to yourself that you can’t feel pain can lower it quite a bit.)
When your dreaming, getting hurt could make your brain cause these warnings, and hurt you. When you’re dreaming your body is also usually paralyzed, so maybe that’s why people usually don’t feel pain?

I’ve felt pain a lot of times in dreams when there hasn’t been any pain in RL. I’ve been shot a lot of times in dreams… sometimes it hurts sometimes it doesn’t. Usually the pain only happens if your scared of what is about to happen. If you stand there boldly without fear then someone shoots you… it won’t hurt at all.

Shadowkid. One little correction. Pain is felt by the brain not the place where the impulse came from. So what you said is sort of reversed. The pain impulses come from the nerves where the damage is to the brain, where it is experienced.
That being said, pain can be felt in the brain independently of the rest of the body, just like any other sensation. Wich is aparent in dreams.

-juanelm- I have felt pain in dreams, but I understand what you mean. When I felt the pain it hurt, but not in the same way as IRL. It was sort of softer and didn’t linger at all. I could laugh at it, it was only slightly uncomfortable.

Ya, sorry I meant from the brain. I was really tired so my thoughts were kinda jumbled :razz:

I did to and my mum said I was punching the wall lol
but i have been slit in the throat in a dream and left to bleed to death.Worse thing was i felt every bit of it.Also i have been shot,stabbed,cut,crushed,everything and felt all of it.I never understood how or why but i have gotten used to it.

Hurt did it? I did the same thing, only I was head-butting not punching. Mild concussion anyone? :tongue:

I’ve had dreams where I have been running or something and woke up with pains like I really have been running.

Ghost pains are the worst sometimes, I get wasp dreams and they sting me which wakes me up and for up to 5minutes afterwards I can still feel the sting. Quite annoying.

the same thing happened to me when i was 6, i dreamed my dog bit me and i woke up and my arm was really sore

Same here buddy :sad:
shot, stabbed, cut, crushed, beaten, bitten… i could be here all day. I’ve probably died at least 10 times now…
Even if i’m lucid it still hurts sometimes, but i still stand with my statement that when your lucid if you are scared of it then it will hurt, otherwise it won’t.

Most of the time if you realize your dreaming dying in a dream will do nothing but maybe wake you up, or maybe continue the dream to heaven or hell or somthing like that. but on the other hand if you dont know your dreaming and you die you could go into shock and then maybe die for real.

No no no no, impossible to die in dreams !!!
What are you talking about ? lol.
Your subconscious won’t kill you, it’s silly.

hehe, true… should check your spelling it’s good practise (lol jk, practice :razz:)

I’ve never been hurt from a dream before, never felt any pain from it… i’m glad of that too. It’s most important though to realize you are in control of yourself. If you understand this fully you cannot harm yourself because you won’t allow it. However it is still possible to trick yourself into it by thinking negative thoughts.

And on the topic of dying in a dream causing death IRL - well I don’t know for sure but heck who does… i’d rather not take any risks. It seems to me that its likely you could damage your brain, possible enough for death to occur. People die in their sleep all the time - sometimes for no apparent reason.

I can feel pain in my dreams. I remember once in a dream I had, where I was lucid and sleeping very lightly, I had cut my arm, and in real life i could feel my arm getting cut, and my body contort with the pain.

Also, it can happen to me with good things, too. One time i got kissed by a girl in a dream, i woke up, and I could still taste her breath for about 10 minutes.

Yeah thats like this one time I had sex and when I woke up the sheets were umm err… sticky :gni:

The most intense dream death I’ve had was being shot a few times in the stomach, being left to die. I coughed up blood and felt the pain, and after a few last thoughts about my family and friends I died. I woke up directly after however, not feeling the pain anymore.

Maybe when you get these bee sting dreams you really were bit by a spider, I’ve had it happen to me. Woke up with an obvious bite after dreaming I was pricked by something.

Oooh, well i don’t want to get hurt :sad: